Get iWork For Free On Any OS X Mavericks Machine

Last month, Apple introduced a new version of the iWork suite of office productivity apps and announced that all new Mac and iOS devices will receive it for free. If you're not purchasing a new Mac but have upgraded to the Mavericks, you can still get in on the action with a simple hack. explains how to get it working:

1) Quit the App Store app

2) Visit

3) Click Download

4) Click External Mirror 1

5) Download and Install the DMG file

6) Open up at least one of the applications and select 30 day trial

Once the trial is enabled, you need to wait a few minutes and open the App Store; you should then be offered updates for iWork in the Updates tab. Install those, then erase copies of the old versions from the iWorks folder.

We weren't able to test this out ourselves, but if this Reddit thread is anything to go by, it seems to work pretty well. A cursory search on social networks also shows that people are still successful with it. Bear in mind that the new version of iWork has experienced a mixed reception, and actually has fewer features than its predecessor.

iWork for Free in OS X Mavericks [Miloot]


    It's important to note the real goal of this, other than getting iWork (especially if you just bought a refurbished Macbook Pro that didn't come with Mavericks) is that it will continue to shows up as a purchase in App store. That means a lifetime of free updates too.

    It also works with Aperture...

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