Foxtel Hikes Up Prices (Again)

Foxtel Hikes Up Prices (Again)

Foxtel has announced it will be increasing the price of its Essentials Pack for new and existing customers, starting on 1 February 2014. Customers will have to pay an additional $2 per month.

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“We’ve reviewed our channel line-up and pricing for 2014 and while a price rise is not the kind of news we like to pass on, we will be increasing the price of our Essentials Pack by $2 per month on 1 Feb 2014,” Foxtel explained in a statement.

The company also announced that some of its channels would be moving packages or “getting a refresh”. This includes up to eight additional channels added to Foxtel Go, including Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, MTV, ESPN, ESPN2 and Universal.

The last time Foxtel increased its prices by $2 per month was back in January. Now it’s doing it again at the beginning of 2014. Time will tell whether customers get slugged with the same price hike in 2015. You can read more about the price increase and changes to channels at Foxtel’s website.

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  • I simply love how you can buy a package because you want a particular channel and Foxtel can then simply move it to another package. Oh, and the whole “pay” for TV concept both confuses and infuriates me!

    Guess I’m not a subscriber then. 🙂

  • Pretty annoying that we are getting another pay increase, if only Rubgy Union was available on free to air tv I would give up foxtel in a heartbeat.

  • I will never buy Foxtel, its ridiculously expensive for what it is and they force you to buy packages when you probably only want a single channel out of it.

    I think when i move into my new place i will be looking at FetchTV (
    think its owned by iinet

  • I just want the sports channels 🙁 all the Fox Sports and all of the ESPNs. Nothing else. And I want in in HD – thats another $10 p/month
    That said, I am a subscriber and $2/month is not that big a deal.

  • “while a price rise is not the kind of news we like to pass on”

    Why don’t I quite believe this?

  • Hear that gurgling noise..?
    That’s a crappy TV show provider going down the Loo, where it belongs… 🙂

    • How do you know if have never subscribed?
      I think you need to subscribe for 12 months just to get full Foxtel rip off experience.
      Then youll know what youre talking about :p

  • Foxtel is hurting themselves, they push prices up and put on more adverts, they lose customers, so they raise prices and put more adverts on, surely they have to realize in the long term they are doing more harm than good? It has been reported that Foxtel is one of the most expensive pay TV services in the world, and they are now about to throw another price rise in to the mix not to mention another channel reshuffle. Sorry Fuxtel, far to expensive, far to many adverts, far to many out of date shows and far to many repeats. I walked away years ago and all the free TVs and iPads will not convince me to return.

    • To be fair, they can’t really expect the opposite to work, either – it’d take more than a $2 price cut to make Foxtel an attractive prospect for many people.

      • True, but they were whinging about not having enough customers, this isnt going to help them.

        Whats more is that this $2 will have the cent that broke the camels back for a few people. So hopefully they will lose a few more people over this.

        • Maybe, but $2 a month isn’t that much, and I’d wager they’d make up for the lost members by the majority that will just put up with the price rise. Not enough customers is usually caused by not enough revenue; this will likely alleviate it somewhat, despite the small number of people that will unsub because of it.

      • LOL they are half owned by Telstra who know with the NBN that foxtel is in trouble. I am Sure Murdoch and Telstra out the Liberals in to disrupt fast internet plans and this is exactly what has happened.

  • Does anyone who thinks Foxtel is a rip-off happen to like sport?

    I love having Pay TV but it’s mostly because I’m a huge sports fan. I’d be missing out on so many sports if I didn’t have a Foxtel subscription. I could maybe get by with the FTA offerings of NRL and AFL but any overseas sports wouldn’t exist to me.

    I can see why people think Foxtel is too expensive given I don’t watch a whole lot else on it. Simpsons repeats and the odd movie and that’s about it. But I couldn’t go without Foxtel for sports coverage.

    • No, i don’t like sport so i agree that is a huge reason i think its overpriced, although the people i know that like AFL and tennis also think its overpriced and don’t have it but then those are probably adequately covered on FTA.

      I also think buying season passes for TV shows on iTunes is ridiculously overpriced.

  • Are Foxtel allowed to do this when you are already a subscriber? Technically you’ve signed a contract for the 12/24 month period so I don’t understand why they can do this. Yes it’s $2 but just another $2 to the already overpriced company it is

    • They can do what they want with Murdoch in charge. I signed up for a 12 month contract in 2010. When I moved to a new suburb 5 minutes away in 2013 the sales guy ignored my request to relocate the account and put me on a new 12 month contract. They must get bonuses when they sign new accounts and the problem is most people that work in sales are backpackers who might stay in the job 6 to 12 months

  • I tell you if these prices keep increasing I will definitely disconnect my FOXTEL!!!!! You can bet on that!

    It’s time to go offshore and give my money to the US. like NETFLIX. If only FOXTEL stop being stingy and does not keep increasing the prices, then I will continue on 😛

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