Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Next-Gen Console (Yet)

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Next-Gen Console (Yet)

In less than a month, the next generation of video game consoles will be upon us. On November 22, the Xbox One will officially launch in Australia, followed by the PlayStation 4 on November 27. Doubtlessly you’ve already spent plenty of time deciding which console is best for you — but have you considered holding off altogether? Here are five reasons why you’re probably better off waiting at least a year.

#5 Launch pricing is for suckers

Since the 16-bit era, every console generation has followed the same pricing strategy — start at a premium to fleece the hardcore fans, then introduce a succession of price cuts to bring more consumers into the fold.

With no exclusive launch games to write home about (see below) there’s really no compelling argument for rushing out and buying these consoles on day one. Hold off until the post-Christmas period and you may be able to shave a hundred dollars off the price. At the very least, you can expect a more compelling games bundle to appear in the months to come. Hold your horses and save!

#4 The ‘multi-platform’ effect

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have some interesting exclusives — you can read our thoughts on a handful of launch titles here and here. However, most next-gen games are being co-developed on both new and old consoles. From Watch Dogs to Metal Gear Solid V and Halo: Spartan Assault, many of the most hotly-anticipated next-gen titles will also be appearing on your current system (albeit in a less visually impressive form.)

We suspect it will be many, many months before this situation changes. The fact is, publishers like to turn as much profit as possible, and there are still plenty of Xbox 360 and PS3 owners clamouring for new games. You need to ask yourself; is it really worth investing in a new console for what mainly amounts to the same titles with a slicker paint job?

Our advice is to hold off until the next-gen install base has grown — this is when we’ll really start to see what next-gen consoles are capable of. Until then, the old guard will continue to hold back their potential.

#3 Where’s the technological “carrot”?

The Xbox and PlayStation 2 came with an inbuilt DVD player, which was a massive incentive to buy. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 ushered in HD gaming and movies, which were a must for anyone who had just upgraded their TV set. These acted as irresistible carrots that enticed hundreds of thousands of consumers to pony up the cash and take a bite.

We’re not sure what killer hardware app these new consoles bring to the table. We’re sure you’ll agree that Kinect 2.0 doesn’t really count. We suppose an argument could be made for 4K content but that wont be entering the mainstream for years, which is just one more reason to wait a while longer.

#2 If it ain’t broke…

The past few months has seen the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman Arkham Origins and Battlefield 4. All these games manage to push current-gen hardware further than ever before, proving beyond doubt that there’s still plenty of life in these old dogs. Microsoft has gone on record saying it will continue to support the Xbox 360 until at least 2016 and Sony has a solid track record of sticking by old console owners.

As mentioned above, a large number of next-gen games will also be landing on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. There’s a wealth of entertainment still awaiting those who stick around. The old adage “be content with what you have” has never been more relevant.

#1 Fence-sitters prosper

Jumping on board at the beginning of a console’s journey might give you bragging rights — but it also increases the risk of crashing and burning. While it’s highly unlikely that either the PS4 or Xbox One will be total flops, there’s still an outside chance that one of these consoles could be a sales disappointment, leading to less third-party support and a shorter lifespan. Just look at what’s happening to Nintendo at the moment, and it was the clear-cut winner of the previous console generation. Just like with Blu-ray/HD-DVD, it’s prudent to wait and see.

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  • 5 reasons to buy now:
    Because we’ve already been waiting too long!
    Because we’ve already been waiting too long!
    Because we’ve already been waiting too long!
    Because we’ve already been waiting too long!
    Because we’ve already been waiting too long!

    • Typical marketing technique, reveal plenty of information before release, which in turn creates a sense of suspense. Whereas if they released it suddenly then there wouldn’t be such a hurry to get it because you don’t have that sense of suspense.

          • Define broke. Most of those games have pretty drastic dips in frame rates, and I don’t think that problem is going to get any better when developers start porting down.

        • Yep this is basically what i meant and i am a victim of marketing, I know . But i like getting new technology and im sick of waiting for a new system. also My ps3 takes like 10 minutes to load up gta. Its tooo old !

  • Very good points.
    I had a Day One edition of the Xbox One preordered; and I was tentative about canceling it. This makes the decision easier.

    (Point 2 should say “Xbox 360 and PS3” Chris)

    • WHAT?

      There isn’t a single good point in the entire worthless post.

      #5 pricing, BULLSHIT you will not see a price drop until chistmas next year, at best you’ll see a $100 drop, so that is about $8 a month “renting” it for the first year. trying to clain that is some huge fleecing is ridiculous.

      #4, There are exclusive games, you are playing these exclusive games otherwise you wouldn’t consider a next gen console in the first place. Games like Titan fall, Ryse, Dead rising 3, Knack infamous 2nd son, The division the witcher 3 there are many next gen only titles, some at launch a MANY well before the next price cut.

      I would also argue the current gen verison of games like watchdogs and destiny will look and run like crap and have cut content and ingame actions simply because it will be impossible to get it working on outdated hardware. I would also point out that games offer alot more than better just better graphics. The world of AC4 looks incredible with those weather effects but they are rubbish on a current gen machine, games run more fluidly, better frame rates and other things making them the better experience with no excuses.

      None of which is a point against a new console.

      #3 Irrelevent, the last 5 iphones are identical, all they offer are better screens and more grunt yet people buy that.

      If you try and claim that having bigger better open worlds, proper lighting in a dungeon or cave. the ability to render proper facial animations and physics don’t improve a game then the author is delusional. You can have better AI have inter game connectivity that just wasn’t possible and the CLOUD aspects of XBO offer numerous ways to improve a game that wouldn’t be traditionally possible and Titanfall will be showing this off conclusively.

      You also CAN NOT JUST DISREGARD an entire part of a platform and say “kinect doesn’t count”. My arse it does’t current gen kinect doesn’t work at all, so having a kinect that ACTUALLY DOES is something worth noting. That stupid tank game, imagine if it worked almost perfectly, that is what is being offered.

      Again none of this is a reason against a console. Using the same logic i should never upgrade my tv, computer monitor my phone or any electronics if it doesn’t reinvent the entire wheel and pleasure me at the same time.

      #2 See #4 and its also nonsense.

      I see a couple games on the horizon for current gen machines and that is IT, South park stick of truth and nothing. All the cool new games will be next gen, current gen is 100
      % tapped out, we won’t see anythign looking better than GTA V we won’t see new physics a new AI that will blow us away. We won’t get new level or game design. There is nothing new at all coming out for current gen.

      The only thing worth waiting for is the handful of titles left to come out that don’t have next gen versions (because the ones that do will be inferior by comparison).

      Nope as stated it not going to happen, the big 2 can’t possibly fail. While yes one could get a slow start (XBO, like the ps3 thanks to huge price). The chances that any of them turn into a dreamcast or the Wii U are beyond miniscule.
      There is also no HD dvd or bluray fight this time, you can’t “pick” incorrectly.

      For clarification, there are reasons not to get a new console just none of them are seen here. I’m also getting both on day 1 so there is no bias here.

      • There isn’t a single good point in the entire worthless post…I’m also getting both on day 1 so there is no bias here. lolwut

        • Good job take two statements, one not even a full sentence, 500 words apart cut and paste together and laugh at the result.

          While my post was overly harsh in some respects your utterly fallacious notion that prices will drop a mere month or 2 later by as much as 20% are beyond laughable. But considering your response I think it sums up the article perfectly, in that your journalistic skills leave a incredible amount to be desired.Mostly because as i said, there are real reasons not to get a console but you haven’t listed a single one.

          • I was merely pointing out the absurdity of your last sentence. If you’re highly determined to buy both consoles on day one, then you are biased against the viewpoint of this article. That’s not a slur, it’s just a fact.

      • Did the guy who wrote this article steal the last cup cake from you, kick your puppy or take your girlfriend or something? You seem to be personally offended by his OPINION….I felt like I had to yell that last word.

        The points are good for people who are undecided but you are apparently lacking in bias but rolling in money to purchase both consoles (fair enough) and I would assume a couple of games, so you are most definitely decided and lack any doubt concerning your choices. Congratulations!

        • No this is not his opinion, because many of them are false. An opinion CAN NOT BE WRONG that is what makes them opinions.

          This is just a horribley poor misinterpretation of the facts from a very biased point of view or a series luck of understanding.

          1. Author think a 20% price drop will occur within a few months – Absurd, will never happen.

          2. That the often stated by developers stagnant generation past its prime is just getting better and better – False we have hit the ceiling there are no improvements to be tweaked from the 8+ year old hardware.

          3. That because he doesn’t like kinect 2.0 its “worthless and doesn’t count” as a real POSSIBLE technological leap or as a valid reason for buying one (despite what 20 million broken kinect sales?) – So again he is talking bullshit.

          4. The author also has this ridiculous notion that a game like Watchdogs, Destiny or any game not ported from last gen (like COD ghosts) somehow negates the entire existence of the next gen console. That those ugly lower res textures the entirely missing special effect, that new lighting engine, the FPS issues are all reasons to skip the proper version of the game on a next gen console. On top of this the mere existence of exclusive next gen games is a myth, because why would i want to play that nice next gen only game right now when i can wait for years?

          Probably the same reason millions of people rush to the cinemas and pay 4x the movie rental price to see them 6 + months earlier in an questionable environment with noisy strangers.

          I mean seriously I could go on but this is a wretchedly lazy piece of work and lacks any of the real reasons not to get a new console, for who the article is targeted at, which is those already looking to get a new console.

          A real reason for those undecided would be, do you really like the current exclusive games? I know some people who get consoles just because they will get them eventually. An objective look at the exclusive games to see what games you will definitively purchase can highlight the need (or lack there of) to get the console immediately. Which is very different to “the lesser incomplete versions on old hardware is good enough” nonsense the author stated (regardless of his intentions).

          Or a look at when a price drop is likely to happen (next Christmas if history is to be believed, possible E# if the console is in dire straights) and looking at which games you really want to play between now and then and if holding out is worthwhile.

          I could say that do you have a huge back log of games already waiting to be finished? If so why are you really getting the console now when you have all these other games you could play first and save money later?

          SO ANY way you slice it the article is rubbish and trying to defend is shoddy subpar effort is insulting considering it has more holes than swiss cheese and as such my assault on its validity was warranted.

          • if anyone lost their asshat, i’ve found it!

            ps3 dropped $100 less than 8 months after it was released, in the current day it’ll be sooner.
            you can improve graphics without improving hardware.
            and look at tags, its opinion piece. and like you say opinions cant be wrong.
            look at the language, he claimed none of it as fact, its purely opinionated,
            just cause you disagree with him doesnt make it not an opinion (or wrong)

          • In all fairness, the PS3 was absurdly expensive when it launched and as I recall sales were pretty piss-poor as a result so a sizeable price drop would have been the only sensible move. At least the PS4 & XB1 are launching at a price point where I think “ooh I might wait a while” rather than “well now you’re just taking the piss”

          • This is exactly what my point as stateing.

            A price drop on this hardware, which is fantastically priced even here in aus will ONLY happen if it turns into a dreamcast or Wii U type deal.

            Even if that were to go ahead the soonest it would happen is E3, not in the coming few months (I.e jan/feb like author states). Even in this scenario it is beyond slim to none chance and far more likely to happen at Christmas due to it being cheaper to make and a $100 drop would be large considering the price as well.

            No matter how you look at it, the author is wrong. Which is why im tearing this article apart. Opinions are not wrong, since this is, it ceases to be an opinion and becomes a statement, a statement that is wrong and that is worth pointing out.

          • You can call me an asshat i don’t really care, It just annoys me greatly when i see such nonsense posted on a site like this.

            As i stated I couldn’t care less if one person is going to buy a console or if you want to write about why to not buy a console. But when you list reasons that are FALSE its ridiculous and is sheer lazyness.

            Yes obviously graphics can improve without increases in hardware (That is what i was saying) you can look at gears 1 compared to gears 3, the difference is huge. But my point was that we have reached that peak there will be no games looking any better than GTA V in an open world setting this generation. GTA for all that was right, was still an empty world, the ai was bad, the shooting was bad it had very long load times. ITs online integration was awful. If you drop match get kicked out it has a hiccup you spend 5 minutes loading again just to go back into matchmaking for a 10 minute wait and another 5 minute load.

            THAT is what can’t be improved, there will be no GTA VI that fixes all these problems on current gen, its not possible. But a GTA VI on next gen stuff will, it will have more horse power not only to look better but have faster load times offset into the cloud and thanks to the interconnected universe we have with social media and the internet (facebook was nobody when the 360 launched for instance) this game will have vastly superior inter connectivity. None of which is possible on current gen machines and any cross plat games that try to utilise these will be having to remove all of it to run on old hardware.

            It’s the essence of claiming it as a fact, he doesn’t have to. Merely labeling something as “opinion” doesn’t make it so. I can’t go round saying the president is “gay” and that’s my “opinion”, because that would be false. I can say I like blue colours, or potato’s are tasty, these are opinions. So for the author to state things that are inherently false, they cease there existence as “opinions” and that makes them statements or claims of facts that are still false.

            His “opinion” that multi plat games are effectively worthless because they are held back by old hardware is FALSE. If every game was COD ghosts this might be correct, but it still wouldn’t be an opinion. But as it turns out cross plat games like AC 4 make amazing improvements not just to graphics but to FPS fluidity and other beneficial and preferable improvements making it a false statement.

            That Kinect doesn’t count, he doesn’t state it as an opinion, he doesn’t say I don’t think kinect will be worthwhile getting. No he flat out STATES it doesn’t really count. Which is a lie, until such a time as it is proven to be good or bad it counts, its a Schrodinger’s cat, until we know it is both good and bad making his STATEMENT incorrect and just yet another lie.

            So i don’t really care if you have low standards, but i for one am sick and tired of this pathetic journalism where “opinion pieces” are just lie after lie about one person’s biased interpretation. So I will continue to tear down and poke holes in the shoddy work that follows, asshat or no.

            This article should have looked at real reasons, like hardware failures and possible warranty issues and the number of other points I and others have made throughout the comment section.

          • 1) I agree a price drop is unlikely to happen, unless sales really tank like with the 3DS. Nevertheless there are potential savings to be made waiting post launch for when consoles get bundles with games/extra controllers/peripherals. Granted, more often than not the bundled games tend to be ones you’d pass over anyway, but there are occasional flagship titles that get bundled in.

            2) Even if we have hit the ceiling on what the hardware can push out, the actual games haven’t become stagnant. Or at least, I haven’t considered GTA V, Last of us et al limited by the hardware they were running on.
            And would you care to illuminate everyone on which developers exactly have been complaining about the current console hardware being too limiting for their games?

            3) Kinect was a novelty at best. I suspect Kinect 2.0 will also be a novelty at best. If I recall correctly some of the initial hands on impressions have been much less than glowing. *IF* the speech recognition works well it may actually be somewhat useful. But I suspect it’s still not going to be executed well enough for it to legitimately become a feature that will attract the masses in the same way that DVD and Blu-Ray playback became selling features in previous generations.

            4) I’ll admit I’ve not been paying much attention to game footage of the next gen consoles but honestly I don’t think there’s necessarily that much of a difference graphically between this generation and the next. it’s something that has been noted several times before that we’re getting to the point that each subsequent generation of consoles is having less of a noticeable difference in graphics quality

            Despite what you contend, its an opinion piece. Chris Jager uses various pieces of information to support his arguments but the arguments are not in themselves facts. Some opinions are purely subjective and free from being right/wrong – “I think blue is a much better colour than red” but that is not to say that all opinions are exempt from being right or wrong. so I don’t think that your logic of this being not an opinion piece is particularly sound.

            And finally it’s good that you’ve taken the time to criticise the article. it promotes (hopefully) intelligent discussion. As others have noted, the tome of your posts is held back by the appearance that you seem to have some sort of vendetta against Chris. Seriously, did he kick your puppy or run over it or something? Or is he just raining on our next gen parade?

          • Check my above post.

            Kinect 2,0 is Schrodinger cat’s, until we play with it, it exists as both a good and bad technological step forward. The author doesn’t say I think kinect will just as bad as its predecessor. He flat out STATES, it doesn’t count. That somehow its existence as new technology that has the possibility to take the medium further is ultimately disregarded just “because”.

            Its a joke at best and pathetic journalism at worst. I could go on about the other points, but my post just above does a better job.

            It all amounts to the fact that this is not an opinion piece, it is basically a crappy rant with less than adequate evidence about why this guy wont buy a next gen console. Which would have been fine if it was a “Why i’m not getting next gen console yet” and then written that way with comments like ” I don’t think kinect will work well enough to be worthwhile or the next gen games that are cross platform aren’t different enough for me to warrant a purchase.”

            Instead we get this flat out nonsense piece full of biased assumptions from the author with no evidence or solid logic involved, basically telling us the next gen machines are worthless because some of their games come out on current gen, apparently there is tons of untapped power in this 8y/o tech and that new things like cloud integration/streaming and kinect don’t exist along with imagined and embellished immanent price cuts.

            So yes i think it is entirely fair to say this is a sodding terrible article and to be so forceful about it because i can not understate how atrocious it is. It is literally what i would expect a grade 7 student to hand in in English class and most certainly not from a journalist who presumably went to college.

            On a side note, i probably could have written this better in the first place but if the author doesn’t put the work in why should I. Plus my circumstances make me pretty hostile to begin with.

          • You’re right, it’s just that these aren’t the Kotaku crowd and know nothing about the world of video games. ANYONE who has had their ear to the ground even remotely would see his opinions and observations as schoolyard-level at best. It’s just that these guys come to lifehacker to believe everything they read without thinking about it. Isn’t that the only way lifehacker could possibly work?

          • “No this is not his opinion, because many of them are false. An opinion CAN NOT BE WRONG that is what makes them opinions.”

            I suggest you look up the meaning of opinion and then get back in your box. Perhaps the word you are looking for is fact? Opinion is explicitly the lack of fact/certainty and the author said nothing factually incorrect and everything you have said in response is merely your opinion as well.

            No chance of a price drop? I can see a very high chance of a price drop for the xbox if it is getting slaughtered in every market (besides the USA who are getting all the features so seem split more evenly). To state categorically that it is absurd and will never happen is absurd.

        • the irony of you telling me to get a life while posting on an internet comment section about getting people to decide if they spend money on a console.

          Yeah good job, i bet you are such a smart cookie, probs got a real dun good IQ capable of spch n evra fing.

          But seriously why bother?

          • Wow, Kingpotato. You’ve sure got sand in your vagina today. I don’t see the irony in the situation. You’re suggesting that he doesn’t have a life because he posted a comment on this article? You need to explain that. Maybe, like me, he just decided to write a quick comment because he saw what an idiot you are. I hope you keep replying to this page – in a way, I’m kind of enjoying reading through all of this garbage and trying to understand how people with minimal brain function can put together these arguments. There is a word for it, but I suspect you probably don’t know what it is.

          • Then you missed the point.

            For someone to state get a life, an inherently hostile and silly personal attack for no reason is hilarious. I’m not some religious nut harassing him on the street. He CAME here, he READ my comment and then felt the need to try and insult me.

            The irony being that he is the one with no life, if he is commenting in such a fashion, the mere fact this seems to have slipped past your simple mind is equally hilarious to me, especially from on that high horse.

            It’s also funny that because you lack the intelligence to understand the point I’ve made you think IM the one who is “stupid”. I couldn’t care less if you think i was a mean dick, but trying and pass yourself off as the intellectual superior when you don’t even realise what you are saying(even less about what your arguing about) is just absurd.

            Your basically a monkey to me, still learning how to use tools. So go back in your tree and fling feces at the next evolved life form you come across and fail to comprehend.

          • Your attempts to denigrate others (particularly their intelligence) while responding with posts littered with atrocious spelling is quite amusing 🙂

      • “I see a couple games on the horizon for current gen machines’

        Wonder Flick
        Tails Of Xillia 2
        Final Fantasy X & X-2
        Murdered Soul Suspect
        Dark Souls 2
        The Last Guardian (Maybe)
        The Evil Within
        Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
        Drakengard 3
        Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure
        South Park Stick Of Truth
        Watch Dogs

        These are all coming out for PS3 and some on 360, with only Watch Dogs and The Evil Within coming out on PS4 and Xbox One.

        There is still some great games to come out for the current gen.

        • I didn’t mean there were 0 games coming out, i was merely referring to what i was interested in and then stated that the cool games (which i meant at “next step, or improved “) where next gen. I should have been clearer.

          But Basically i ment that no improved games will be coming on the system, it is effectively dead in the water. Sure games will still arrive but we wont be seeing a GTa IV – GTA V kind of leap or a uncharted game that looks even better.

          Tales of xilia isn’t pushing the bounds neither is wonder, a remake of FF X, or a bunch of PSN/xbl games (or other niche titles like evil within/murdered, jojo).

          I really was explicitly referring to in 6 + months by E3 and later, When Watchdogs, The witcher, Battlefront, Infamous, destiny, halo, the division arrive, there will be very few top tier blockbuster games coming out on current gen tech. We won’t see a Gears of war 4 that makes judgement look like a ps2 game, or an open world game where we get a full map with intricate things happen everywhere and not just hollow environments. We won’t get a fable game that gives us everything originally promised.

          All of these things will be next gen, the ps3/360 have been out for 8+ years, the games are getting stale, there is no big improvements to get excited for, just another cod identical to the last 2. Which is great if all you want is another cod, but for most people who stated this generation day 1 or a touch later we have been playing the same games for a long time, its time for some new things.

      • Am I the only one who agrees with you haha. I thought all of your counterpoints as I was reading through the article as well.

        The way I sum it up is that these consoles are expected to have a 10 year life cycle these days. Xbox one is $600 on launch (plus extra for goodies). If I buy that on day one and divide it by 10 years then that’s a sweet deal. You can barely get the latest low grade iphone or ipad for that price and people yearn for those every 12-24 months.

        Also the launch prices of these consoles are cheaper than they were than last generation, if anything it’s a BETTER purchase than last time around.

      • Nope as stated it not going to happen, the big 2 can’t possibly fail. While yes one could get a slow start (XBO, like the ps3 thanks to huge price).

        The difference is when the XBox 360 launched it was $700, when the PS3 launched it was $1000. While the XBox One is launching at $600, and the PS4 is launching at $550.

        This time it’s not down to price, it’s down to the exclusives and features of the console i.e. You can change out the PS4 hard drive for a larger one, but it doesn’t support external drives, on the other hand you can’t change the internal hard drive of the XBox One, but it does support external drives.

        I think it’s going to be a lot closer this time around, the 360 and PS3 were launched about a year apart, this time it’s only a week. Last time the price difference was $300, this time it’s $50. It will come down to exclusives, brand loyalty, and console features.

        • Which is a huge reason neither will fail IMO, they are both so similar that I think this will be some of the closest races yet. (excluding regional bias, such as Australia loving Sony and America loving xbox etc.)

      • good for you theres people that have better things to do with there money then blow 1000 on 2 video game systems.

    • This. All consoles (and by extension, their “exclusives”) inevitably get emulated on the PC anyway.

    • This comment was proudly downvoted by peasants:
      @phalacee (who has Zero kotaku comments)
      @tony0707 who is waiting on an Xboner (aka my Q6600 with 8800gt from 2005)

      • Actully mate a Peasant would complain about wasting money on a console and how much better value they get out of gaming on a PC!
        But the truth is i ilke consoles for the controller and the fact they are hooked up nicely in my lounge room. & i dislike gaming on a pc when i have to work on a pc during the week.
        Either way you got a down vote for being so judgemental and elitist.. & while were name calling Ill throw in just a tosser too 🙂

      • @fureien – naming and shaming – and being an elitist in general is in rather poor taste. I’m a PC gamer myself, over 200 games on my steam account, but still, I don’t consider my platform better than XB* or PS* – each one has its place in the gaming ecosystem. And really, valve has just entered the console marketplace, with PC games, so the lines are further blurred.

      • @phalacee

        The advantages of a PC greatly outweighs the exclusives consoles get, which is like the only advantage

        and is the only reason i own a PS3…just to play GT5

        for everything else i always buy the PC version whenever possible.

        And when i finally have to buy a console exclusive. i want to tear my face off over how bad the graphics, FPS, FOV and physics are.

        Console players keep trumpeting their horns over “console exclusives” not realising that its this very stupid thing that publishers have shoved down your throat that has crippled game innovation

        Its because of being tied down to a 8 year platform that games havent been able to evolve because the amazing 8 yr old hardware cant handle it.

        • Again, your bias is showing. I love my gaming rig, wouldn’t play skyrim on a console for all the gold in tamriel, but that doesn’t mean I am okay with being an elitist douche and treating console players as some lesser life form.

          • bias?
            i have laid out justifiable reasons why i believe the platform is better, and i own consoles and PC
            i understand the advantages of Console over PC, but they are simply overweighed by the disadvantages over PC.

            Whereas you havent really touted any argument to counter why one is better than the other other than name calling.

            You’re not on the playground anymore little boy. Insults dont win arguments

            Go back to playing with your tiny thumbsticks

          • Little boy … insults don’t win arguments … lol

            I’m a PC Gamer, I have two gaming PCs, and an Xbox 360 – I grew up using PCs to play games, and prefer them in every way. That doesn’t make me a better person that a console player, as you seem to think it does. That was the point I was trying to enlighten you on, and one you keep re-inforcing through your terribly elitist behaviour.

          • owning all devices doesnt mean jack

            I own a ps3 only cause i was forced to spend $600 to play a shitty exclusive. Biggest regret of my life.

            Since then ive seen the light

            Call it elitism, call it bias

            Either way, i know what the superior platform is. I know which platform is more cost effective in the long run and which platform most definitely doesnt inhibit gaming innovation but provides the best experience possible based on your budget.

            And you seem to have lost the original purpose of my first comment allllll the way up the top of the page. It was just a playful remark, but turned into a full blown flame war

            for more context behind the Phrase

  • “From Sleeping Dogs to Metal Gear Solid V and Halo: Spartan Assault,..” – I think you mean Watch Dogs?

  • There’s always the risk of 1st releases of the new generation having faulty hardware – red rings of death for example…

    • this is true and after buying a 360 first gen i swore id never buy another xbox. but a few years later and im bored of the sony so going back to xbone. maybe part of their marketing! They better not do that again

  • “Will be total flops”
    – You’re right. Don’t they have 2’000’000 flops or something?

  • I’m a console gamer but would switch to a steam box if a good, user friendly one is built. And no I’m not building my own.

  • And without early adopters 3rd parties drop back support due to limited support. While early adoption isn’t for everyone it’s important for the future of the console and you certainly shouldn’t try and stop those who are interested in buying from doing it.

    • Like our friend kingpotato above, there will always be a core base of fans who snap up any new console on day one. I fully expect both the Xbox One and PS4 to practically sell out in the first month of launch.

      This article is aimed at everyone else (i.e. – those gamers who are still sitting on the fence.) Believe me, a lack of early adoption is never going to be a problem.

      • So you expect the consoles to sell out and so this article is aimed at the people who wouldn’t be buying it at launch… which they can’t any way. What is the point of this article?

        If you just mean early adapters in in the consoles wider life span my point still stands. If you think the hardcore is enough to encourage third parties to swarm to support a platform may I introduce you to the Wii-U. It’s a great console. I probably play it the most out of any console at the moment. I assume in the long run it’ll do fine as most people are waiting for the big titles to come before picking one up. Pity 3rd parties have be/have already gone.

        If people want a platform all buying it early does is encourage more titles to come to that platform sooner. You can always wait but there’s diminishing returns on that strategy when it comes to technology. Why not just skip the next generation and wait for the NBN? Most of the major players will have cheap or even non hardware based streaming services by the end of this gen I guarantee it (Hell Sony already has the VitaTV). Even if it’s a slow start it’s not like we don’t have entertainment options coming out the wazoo. You act as if buying a new console somehow means we won’t still be playing the old.

        • No, it’s aimed at people who are considering buying one at/near launch. And I said I expect the consoles to *practically* sell out.

          Nintendo is a bad example to use as it’s had limited third party support ever since the N64 era. Even the Wii played second fiddle to Xbox 360/PS3 and that was the best selling console in history. So I don’t think you can blame the Wii U’s limited third party support on early adopters dragging their feet.

          • ” Even the Wii played second fiddle to Xbox 360/PS3 and that was the best selling console in history.”

            Ummm, not to beat up on you any more than the KingPotato guy is doing, but if you are going to write about video games, you should really fact check before you type. The Wii is NOT the best selling console in history. It is the third best selling. The first and second slots go to the PS2 at 155 million and the original Playstation at 102 million. The Wii is at just over 100 million and is done for all intents and purposes. If you include handhelds, the Wii falls to #5.

            I am assuming you know how rabid gamers are when it comes to nitpicking facts, so you should really make sure you have the FACTS when posting items.

          • He was referring to it being Nintendo’s best selling console. Maybe you should learn how to read ?

          • At no point did Chris say anything to indicate he meant that it was only Nintendo’s highest selling console. It’s a pretty minor point and I wouldn’t bother calling him out on it myself but if you’re going to pull the whole “learn hot to read” line perhaps you should take your own advice first.

          • Considering ‘best-selling’ is such a vague term in the first place, I wouldn’t be so quick to nitpick. The term has lost its meaning even in the book space, where it originated. Where ‘best-selling’ means ‘most sales over the entire life of the product’, I find the stat is meaningless because that puts things like the Bible as the world’s best-selling book. Useless, of course, because it’s been measured over a ridiculously long period.

            The Wii has sold an average 12.5 million units per year since its release, beating the PS2 (11M) and PS1 (9M), with only the Nintendo DS outselling it at 14 million units per year.

          • Depends on if you’re talking units or profits. Sony typically sells its consoles at a loss to start with, while the Wii was profitable from day one. Granted though, I should have said the Wii was *one* of the best selling consoles of all time. My bad.

          • I didn’t solely blame the lack of 3rd party on Wii-U solely on the lack of early adopters but it most definitely was an issue. Just look at Ubisoft’s response in particular.

            Again the point of this article was what I was questioning. Obvious, broad and biased (we all agree Kinect 2 doesn’t count?) statements directed at a group that doesn’t seem to exist.

  • There is no reason for either of these consoles to exist (yet?)
    If for some reason these consoles do sell and show that the sales are still there, Samsung are well placed to come in with their own console and crush them both with any groundbreaking tech (the ‘carrot’) that emerges in the near future.

    • A fourth player in the console market as well as the steam box? I don’t think there’s enough room.

      • You know what I love about the Steambox? all my old games are backwards compatible with it and will remain so probably until the day I die.

        Still a little iffy on the haptic controllers …. hard to rewire your brain from k/b mouse to a consoley controller.

    • Nah, Samsung will wait until there are more substantial rumours of Apple working on a games console at which point they’ll quickly march out their own :p

  • For me it essentially boils down to the fact I plan to get the console anyway and the advantages to waiting aren’t that great. With respect to the price, unless you plan to hold out 12+ months time I can’t imagine you are going to have an easy time saving much more than $100 or so. Ultimately in the scheme of things, when I was younger that’d be a lot but now I’m grown up it more than justifies that ‘coat of paint’ referred to in point 4. Note the coat of paint may not only result in better graphics, it may also mean smoother gameplay performance and other benefits.

    Number 3 seems moot unless you expect Sony or MS to do huge overhauls early into the console life which seems unlikely. As such, I can’t see it as a reason to wait.

    And with point 1 thats what warranties are for.

  • Meh this is the cheapest launch in the previous two generations of console, I’m pretty sure I paid around the same money for my PS3, and that was a 40gb non backwards compatible. Two games I really want, BF4 and AC5, look a shit-tonne better on next gen than previous gen. From everything I’ve heard the new rumble on the One is fantastic, Kinect 2 actually looks useful for a change, and the HDMI in means I never have to change goddamn source on my TV ever again!

  • So if we wait we might save $100 possibly sometime in the future on the console? Whoopdedoo.
    Next gen only comes out every few years now it seems on Console. I am going to enjoy the launch and buzz and know I was there from day 1 while other people procrastinate then eventually just buy it anyhow.

  • was playing with xbox1 dev kit last month, the XDK we got from M$ was really buggy that a lot of things in our app didnt work, hopefully they iron them out on launch…

  • Gee a lot of anger over someone writing a simple, informative article. I’m not a hard core gamer but I still enjoy playing my 360. It sounds like some of the anger comes from guys that are the type to camp outside an Apple store overnight, in order to be the first one with a you beaut new iphone.
    Gentlemen, can I remind you that not everyone needs the latest and greatest whizz bang electronic equipment straight away.

    I bought my 360 after the ring of death dramas were ironed out and it has worked without fault for a few years now. (refer to reason #1)

    I also bought it a lot cheaper than it was when it first came out (refer to reason # 5).

    I’m perfectly happy playing the current crop of games and look forward to any new games that tickle my fancy (refer to reason #2).

    So as the author stated, there are plenty of buyers who need to have the new stuff straight away, but there are probably more (I hope I don’t get shot down in flames for not properly investigating the percentages involved) who are quite happy to keep enjoying what they already have for a while longer.

    • I’m definitely not waiting until this time next year to pick up my console just to make sure any kinks are ironed out, price drops etc but at the same time, my hefty collection of PS+ games will keep me going for a while to come. I’m sure I’ll still be playing them even when I do have the PS4.

      I’m just waiting for Infamous to hit.

    • I have no problem with current gen consoles and I think they’ll still be relevant for the next two or so years. It’s just the insinuation that you don’t need to get a next gen console today that annoys me. The author is trying to justify not upgrading when really, it’s not that bad of a deal at all.

  • Everyone’s bagging King Potato, but he’s right. The article is a yawn fast. The #5 points pretty much relate to ANY and EVERY purchase anyone makes!

  • Fence sitters prosper, or they sit back and miss the fun. There’s a world of difference between just blindly jumping in head first and being cripplingly indecisive.

    Personally I’m buying now because right now happens to line up with when I’ve got the free funds to buy as much of this stuff as I want. If I sit back and wait for a clear victor and a hardware revision it’ll be at least 12 months, probably 18. In that time I’m going to miss games that I’m just not going to come back to.
    Also, while games like Watch Dogs may be available on current generation consoles and not appear super impressive as next generations, they are still next gen games held back by the requirement to work on current generation consoles. There’s always boatloads of these transitional games for the first 6 months and even when the upgrade isn’t overwhelming they usually play better on the next gen consoles. Unless it’s something that requires a healthy multiplayer install base like Battlefield 4.

    • The whole fence sitter thing is retarded, what is this master system vs NES haha. I feel like NES was the superior console, and even if you were a sega kid who agreed I doubt they had a bad time playing their ms.

      My point is you’re not really going to lose buying a ps4 or xbox one, they’re both great systems and either one (or both if you’re a brat/legend) are a worthy purchase for a gamer.

  • This time next year I could have a kid, so any chance of getting a new console will be out the door. As soon as it becomes freely available in store, I’ll be picking up a PS4 and get in while I still have the funds.

  • i am getting a ps4 for bday/christmas i am getting it for watchdogs. (ah shit)
    i am still getting it even without watch dogs because the chances of a price drop before watch dogs releases is about 0% (unless it gets delayed again)
    in fact chances of price drop within a year is close to 0%.

    i will then get an xbone the day the next halo comes out or a new gears or something. and with any luck it will have a bundle or special console (with 1TB HDD please) and for the first time ever i will get to look at one of these and actually get it instead of being annoyed that i who got the console on day 1 cant have a fancy paint job on it

  • I have to put my Xbox 360 on a pedestal in the middle of the room with fans pointed at it so that I can get around an hours’ worth of play before it overheats. It is an original 2006 model, lasted a long time, but as soon as I can upgrade, I am. No point waiting for a price drop when I can have a playable console right now, without the room heating up like a toaster.

    Yes, the multi-platform effect would allow me to play games on my old 360 for a while, but as stated above, that experience isn’t really as enjoyable anymore. For the added cost of around a hundred bucks it will mean that I no longer have to play games in my underwear in order to survive the heat of my 360 struggling with GTAV.

    The technological carrot I am looking forward to is precisely the Kinect; I want to tell my Xbox to do something, and marvel as my mechanical slave obeys my commands. Not to mention that not every tech upgrade has to be revolutionary, so long as it is a genuine hardware upgrade, which in this case it is.

    As for whether it is broke, in my case it is. Many people have newer 360’s and that is fine for them. But for me, it is time to put my 7 year old workhorse out to pasture. I can’t stress enough how loud and hot my Xbox gets trying to cope with its everyday activities; the fan noise alone drowns out a lot of TV dialogue.

    I don’t need to sit on a fence as one of my main factors in buying is what my friend circle is getting; we all get Xboxes, so we can all game together. It’s not as if there will be a massive difference between the two anyway.

    At any rate, this is all just my opinion and it is very subjective to my situation.

  • This is one of the most hilarious articles I’ve ever read!!! I would like to explain that by saying what I have just said I am formally and directly insulting everyone here in an attempt to start a fight. Considering the majority of comments require clarification I figured I would just cut to the chase by making my intentions clear. I would also like to preemptively address any comments aimed at my intelligence…I’m not the brightest and just like the rest of you I don’t have a life, which is why I waste my time replying to silly articles at 2:47 in the morning instead of making more logical or rational decisions. My mom always told me I could do anything I wanted as long as I set my mind to it and I’m sure your mothers all told you the same. I could have been an astronaut, a firefighter, maybe even a nobel peace prize winner. Sadly here I am and here you are…so instead of insulting Chris for his “OPINION” perhaps it would behoove you to slowly and delicately remove the massive obstruction from your hindquarters…and no opinions do not miraculously turn into facts…on another note a few housekeeping comments:

    1. Blaming someone else for your own grammatical errors does not justify anything, in fact it makes you look even lazier. Not only are you blatantly ignoring your own typing, you are using someone else as a scapegoat to justify your own idiocy. Taking responsibility for your actions is something your mother should have taught you and I’m sure she would be ashamed…Just to be clear my mother is already ashamed of me so if you were going to go that route I’d suggest you take a detour.

    2. Facts and opinions are not the same thing…just like theories and facts aren’t the same thing…..and oh my stars, I believe there was a reference to Schrodingers cat earlier that I laughed about for quite some time. Those of you who actually studied the fundamentals and foundations of quantum theory before they were made popular by the “Big Bang Theory” would know that first and foremost…schrodinger was not the originator of this theory, Einstein was…and second and probably the most important…the theory is flawed because the CAT constitutes an observer…so if you are like the millions who watch the show on CBS and you think you are smart enough to “INFORM” everyone how brilliant you are I would just like to calmly and discretely saw the legs off the horse you seem to be riding…sorry bud that’s not going to do it for me 😉

    3. I just want to say this to be a thorn in the side of a few people but mostly just to inform the majority that there is so much more than this going on…and since I seem to have stumbled across this site I figured I would let you all in on a big secret. If tensions in the Middle East, Africa, and East Asia don’t dissipate within the next few years, the only thing you are going to have to worry about for a good long time is how to stay alive…instead of continuing to numb your minds with video games perhaps read Al Jazeera, BBC World, or The Economist…you would be surprised to know that there are other countries with problems and OMG wars!!!!!! Im sure everyone is itching to know how stupid this guy is or how this is better than that…which brings me to number….

    4. To everyone on this message board excluding the talented author and those defending him, I have one last thing to say…My dick is bigger, my dad has a cooler car than you, I have more money than you will ever have, I am more successful than you will ever be and your children will idolize me while you struggle to make ends meat, I have both the PS4 and Xbox one and have had them for a year, I am incredibly attractive, and there is nothing I can’t do or have that wouldnt make you cry, shit, scream, and/or pray to be like me…I think I about covered everything there in that one sentence.

    Cheers Bitches!

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