From The Tips Box: Emergency Candles, Garage Storage

Readers offer their best tips for making impromptu emergency candles, creating cheap garage shelving, and making cleaning less tedious.

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Learn to Make Five Emergency Candles

David shares his video for making five different emergency candles:

I created this video that shows how you can make five different emergency candles on the fly using stuff from around the house.

Make a Garage Shelf from an Old Bed Frame

Emergency Candles, Milk Cartons, and Garage Storage

Villified1 repurposes an old bed frame for some garage storage:

I mounted a very old, slightly broken, twin-sized wooden bed frame to the walls and ceiling in my garage to create a sturdy shelf for storage bins and the like. It was a simple and cheap way to get a high-mounted, large, and sturdy shelf in the garage.

Clean for Fifteen Minutes Each Day, Then Stop

Emergency Candles, Milk Cartons, and Garage Storage

Jonathan shares a tip for avoiding cleaning burnout:

I'm a college student and don't have lots of spare time for cleaning. I've also noticed that if I let things get messy then spend a bunch of time cleaning them up, I get kind of burned out on cleaning and I'm more likely to let it go for several days afterward. I started cleaning for only fifteen minutes each day and then stopping even if things were still messy. I started out with a messy place and it took a while to get it clean, but I found it was much easier to keep up the habit. And you'd be amazed what you can get done in fifteen minutes.

Photo by tachyondecay.


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