Do You Use An External Battery For Your Phone?

Do You Use An External Battery For Your Phone?

Despite better batteries and improved power management techniques, the battery life of smartphones continues to be a concern for many of us. Do you need an external battery to get you through the day?

We’ve talked about how settings like screen brightness can affect battery life and how often you should charge your batteries to get the best life out of them. But we’d like to know if you still need to carry around an external battery, and what you use. Tell us your story in the comments.


  • I have an iPad 3 and an iPhone 5, and I use them both pretty constantly at Uni, so I have 3 battery packs.

    I have one giant 16,000mAh one, which has 5 usb ports on it, gives 2.5 full charges on an ipad and 11 for the iphone.

    One 5,000mAh unit with 2 usb ports on it, gives 2.5 charges for the iphone, will charge the ipad halfway;

    and one tiny one, 2600mAh, which charges the iphone 80%, but the unit is smaller than a glue stick

    When moving around uni, or camping, you end up using a lot of power.

    • well for what you described. you made a very poor uninformed decision. you should have taken all of this into account!. my note 3 and the new 10.1 lasts all freaking day (uni as well) , plus enough charge for the movie on the train home

  • I never originally needed a battery pack as I’d often have it connected in the car whilst travelling about. Even installed a 12volt on the motorbike to charge when on long rides.
    It’s only recently I’ve been considering battery packs after getting sucked into a GPS based game with a few mates called Ingress on Android. Kills my battery in just over an hour.

    • *narrows eyes* You blue or green?

      Same here, after getting a new phone, I thought I’d get much better battery life. Then I started playing ingress and all potential improvements were made null.

      • lol. *narrows eyes*
        Green here. Sitting lvl 6 at the moment.

        Must admit in my short time playing so far, I’ve come across some ‘very’ fanatical blue players.

    • Green level 4 here…
      Ingress kills my battery too…..
      fricken supaseca if I ever find you I will kill your phone

  • Once your warranty expires, you can “hack” an iPad case. Replace the battery with a thicker one, then replace the backplate with a larger, removeable version.
    Taking out an iPhone, squeezing the sides and popping the back off, is best done in front of Apple fans.

  • no I have a state of the art phone, that gives me ample battery life (note 3) sexy sexy batt life for this! WOW is all I can say

    • It’s new, give it time and you’ll find the battery’ll start depleting faster than you need it to

  • Have a mophie juice pack knock off bought from Plaza Low Yat in KL for about $25 for my iPhone 5. Gives me an 80% charge and gives me an extra few hours with moderate use

  • I have a HTC One variant, and while my battery will usually get me through a day I am addicted to a couple of power hungry games. This and I also carry a 120GB Zune as well.

    As a result I backed No Outlet No Problem on kickstarter and carry “The Expedition” in my backpack:

    I think the thing is brilliant and have been using it for a few months. To keep it safe while bouncing around in my backpack I put it in an Otterbox Drybox 2000.,default,pd.html?dwvar_OTR3-2000S_color=20&start=2&cgid=otterbox-2000-cases

    The drybox has enough room for the expedition plus the short cable it comes with plus a few of the interchangeable charging plugs. That and it’s waterproof.

    I like to be prepared because I don’t drive, but I carry a Zune and a smartphone because I consider phones to be sub-standard mp3 players.

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