Development Lessons From The Debacle

The attempt to roll out universal health cover in the US has suffered a major setback with performance issues on the site used to allow consumers to sign up for individual plans. Forrester analyst David Aponovich points out that all web projects can learn from the mistakes made rolling out the site.

The key lesson is that you have to accept that there will be compromises, and work out which ones are sustainable: “Web projects always require compromise. The challenge is figuring out what you can live without.”

Working to a fixed, immovable deadline also creates major issues. While Australians might feel smug about the fact we already have universal healthcare, we’re not immune to similar snafus. The rollout of the site, designed to allow Australians to create a single electronic health record, was also plagued by performance problems. Hit the post for more of Aponovich’s thoughts.

Avoid Website Development Flops By Taking A Lesson From