Dealhacker: Get An Xbox 360 With Minecraft For $138

Okay, so it's not an Xbox One, but this is one of the best console deals you are likely to see in the lead-up to Christmas. Big W will be offering the 4GB Xbox 360 bundled with Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition for $138 which is a saving of nearly 40 per cent.

From 28 November until 1 December, online shoppers will be able to snap up the Xbox 360 Minecraft bundle for $138 from Big W when they implement the code '10OFF120'. Whether you're looking to finally get into gaming or just want a backup Xbox 360 on hand, this deal is pretty hard to beat. Just be sure to get in quickly if you need the console by Christmas.

[Via OzBargain]


    Wouldn't mind a back up 360, If it was the 250GB, I would be all over it. Might wait till the Boxing Day sales and see just how cheap they get. I'm sure I saw the 250GB on sale at Dick Smith last year for $178.

    Edit: Interesting that this article says $138, and the Big W catalogue says $148.

    Second Edit: Also this article is misleading. The picture leads you to believe that the deal includes a play and charge kit, according to the catalogue it does not. It's just the console and the game.

    Last edited 26/11/13 6:16 pm

      "$138 from Big W when they implement the code ’10OFF120′."

      Article says you need the coupon for the extra $10 off...but yes, image of play and charge kit is misleading...
      There is also a 20off250 coupon too - useable on the ps4...tempted.

      You can always buy the hard drive and swap them out for super cheap. I remember it was cheaper doing it this way with the 4GB flash memory version when I got my Xbox 360 Slim.

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