Christmas Lights: Festive Fun Or A Massive Waste Of Energy?

It's nearing that time of year again when Santa lovers bedeck their hearth and home with Christmas lights and Yuletide paraphernalia. One Canberran family has arguably taken the festivities too far by rigging up over 500,00 LED lights in a 50-metre ode to Christmastime that racks up an electricity bill of $2500 per month. Check out the ridiculous video and share your thoughts on this bizarre practice below.

The Canberra-based Richards family have just taken out the 2013 Guinness World Record for most Christmas lights in a single display. According to Guinness, the display boasts 502,165 LED lights comprising a 50-metre, multi-coloured walk through canopy and an 18-metre light-controlled tree that dances to Christmas music.

The Richards admitted that their electric bill runs about $2500 each month when the lights are up, although a local energy company is covering the cost. Before you scoff at all that wasted energy, it's worth noting that the Richards are using the display to raise money for the SIDS charity 'SIDS and Kids ACT'; so the goal of their Christmas display is fittingly altruistic.

That said, the majority of families who set up elaborate Christmas displays are only in it for the razzle-dazzle. We're keen to hear what our readers make of all this: are you a fan or practitioner of the Christmas light display or do you think it's just another example of the holiday's crass commercialisation? Share you thoughts below.


    You can't tell me there's not just a little bit of ego behind their motivation. There are cheaper way to raise money and awareness for charities.

    I love taking the kids around the neighborhood each year but wouldn't consider doing this myself. Not in a pink fit!

    But I'm glad some people do even if their reasons are for ego etc.

      I used to like taking the kids, but now it conjures spooky memories. A couple of years ago, we took a wrong turn while hunting for lit-up houses and ended up on a lonely street surrounded by bush. We felt a weird presence in the car and then our two-year old daughter said "mummy, daddy.... I'm dead" while flashing a creepy smile. We got the hell out of there fast.

    I do the Christmas light thing, but now it's mostly solar-powered LEDs, with a couple of low energy battery powered lights plus a few rope lights.

    Ummm... Didn't baby Jesus have 'em strung around the manger..? :)

    what a way to pay homage to the star that nearly led to the death of baby Jesus... ;)

    We run Xmas lights around the house, but they are all run off there own little solar panels with batteries. No money for our electricity provider, I even run my indoor Xmas tree lights off solar power, it's little solar panel/battery box sits in the front window and gets charged from midday, even on a rainy day we get enough power to run the lights for about 3 hours after dark.

    Xmas lights and fireworks, so much waste and pollution. All we need now is some festive occasion that is celebrated by scattering hundreds of thousands of plastic things in the ocean.

      i agree, we need a national rubber duck race day.
      start on the parramatta river, first one to land on bondi wins.
      will that suffice?

    no different to every business which owns there own building, $2500 a month, its not our fault the energy we use it coal. It could be nuclear

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