Build A Hidden Compartment In A Drawer To Hide Valuables

Build a Hidden Compartment in a Drawer to Hide Valuables

It's not uncommon to keep a spare set of keys or a few extra bucks in a kitchen drawer. But that means it's also a place sneaky guests might check to pilfer. If you want to keep your valuables hidden, check out this guide for building a hidden compartment in your drawer.

The Instructables guide below shows how to cut a small space into the bottom of one of your drawers. You obviously wouldn't be able to keep stacks of cash under there, but a spare key would be safely out of sight. It won't be invisible if someone empties the drawer, mind you (although it's possible to improve upon this design), but it should keep precious items away from prying eyes.

Hidden Drawer Compartment [Instructables]


    I can think of a lot of places that would be easier to conceal than this..! The space under most kitchen and bathroom or laundry cabinets is an excellent place.

      Thanks for that tip, will definitely look there in the future.

        hahahaha "reminds self to put high voltage around hidden spots"

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