Briefly: Stupendous Star Wars Short, Lifehacker Awards 2013, Cheap Pizza!

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: An amazing Star Wars short that will have you cheering for more, get GameMaker Studio free, nominate your favourite products and services for the 2013 Lifehacker Awards.

  • Star Wars fan-made films just keep getting better and better. Last week we brought you the spectacular Star Wars Downunder created by a team of supremely talented Aussies. Star Wars: The Apprentice takes a more serious tone: it depicts a lightsabre battle between two Jedi on a space station and ends with a single line of dialogue that will make die-hard fans squeal with glee. Click here to see the entire short. We hope J.J. Abrams is taking notes.
  • Have you ever wanted to make your own video games but lack the required programming skills? GameMaker allows users to create games using integrated ‘drag-and-drop’ actions and you can currently get the full Standard version for free (RRP: $US50). You can also install the Professional version for an additional $50. [Via OzBargain]
  • Throughout the week, we’ll be rolling out categories for the 2013 Lifehacker Awards — there are 10 categories in all and your nominations will help us to build a shortlist of finalists. Click here to see the categories so far and be sure to cast your vote!
  • Today was NBN Public Action Day; a culmination of a 270,000 signature-strong petition to retain the Fibre To The Home National Broadband Network rollout which was unceremoniously dumped by the Liberal government. The amount of actual ‘action’ was somewhat disappointing with only 20 people turning up outside Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbul’s office. You can see a few underwhelming photos over at Gizmodo.
  • Feel like pizza tonight? Domino’s is currently offering any pizza, a garlic bread and 1.25l soft drink for just $7.85 pickup. (To get the deal, use the ‘86849’ discount code which is for three pizzas, then delete the two you don’t want to bring the price down to $7.85.) Apparently, it’s also possible to score a free lava cake via some additional online trickery-pokery.