Briefly: Australian Cosplayers, Mega-Airport Gallery, PS4 Or Xbox One?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4, Victorians slugged with tougher penalties for mobile phone use when driving, six mega-airports that are either planned or under construction across the world.

  • Dick Smith has announced it has 300 extra PlayStation 4 consoles up for grabs during tomorrow’s midnight launch. However, customers will need to jump through a series of cynically manufactured hoops to earn the right to buy one. You’ll need to enter a competition, “like” Dick Smith’s Facebook page and turn up to the midnight launch in the city. Even then, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get to buy one. Is this consumer exploitation? Kotaku sure seems to think so — you can read its thoughts on the marketing stunt here.
  • It’s the inevitable Xbox One vs. PS4 face-off article, courtesy of Kotaku. Their verdict seems to favour the Xbox One, although it’s worth noting that the post originated in the US.
  • In yet more Kotaku gaming news, here’s a a Madman-produced video of the best cosplayers from Supanova in Brisbane. You may want to mute your speakers though.
  • Tougher legislation regarding use of mobile phones and hands-free devices while driving came into effect in Victoria today. The updated legislation states that a driver caught breaching mobile phone rules while driving will face a $433 fine and the loss of four demerit points, an increase of $144 in fine and one extra demerit point. (See also: Ask LH: Can The Police Bust Me For My Phone Cradle?)
  • Grill’d will be handing out free burgers at its new Parramatta Westfield store on 28 November between 11am and 3pm.
  • Last month, Dubai’s World Central Airport cleared its first commercial flight. It’s expected to become the world’s busiest airport, but, with plenty of other contenders quickly taking shape in Asia and the Middle East, it’s going to have some stiff competition. Here are six new mega-airports that will compete for the title of ‘world’s busiest’.