Briefly: Nexus 5 On Telstra, 40% Off Priceline Cosmetics, PS4 Vs. Xbox One

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers including: Get 40 per cent off all cosmetics at Priceline, Nexus 5 comes to Telstra on contract, PS4 and Xbox One consoles compared.

  • Godfreys is currently selling the Miele Royal Blue s381 vacuum cleaner for $199, which is $200 off the normal retail price. It boasts a 4L-capacity dustbag and comes with a two-year warranty. [Via OzBargain]
  • As is par for the course with a console launch, Kotaku has published a gallery of photos comparing the PlayStation 4 to the Xbox One. The difference in size is actually pretty surprising. Click here to see for yourself.
  • Telstra has announced it will be offering Google's new Nexus 5 smartphone on contract over 24 months. Pricing starts at $69 per month, which includes $600 worth of calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data on a 24 month contract. Head over to Gizmodo for more details.
  • Here's another one Christmas shoppers — Priceline is offering 40% off all cosmetics on Tuesday (19/11/13) and Wednesday (20/11/13). Apparently, even premium brands are included. [Via OzBargain]


    Nexus 5 on telstra. Talk about ripoff. $69 per month for 24 months, 1GB data and $600 in calls? How about you buy it outright ($399), go on the telstra pre-paid encore plan ($50 per month - $1000 worth of calls (including overseas) + 800MB data (slightly less I know)), and you'll still be $56 better off. Plus you can lower your spend based on your habits, plus you can use left over credit (of your initial $50) on apps, music, anything from the play store up to $20 value per purchase. Only plus side I can see is that you don't have to fork out the $$ at the beginning.

      jesus shut up already. we know.

        Yeah but that's complicated and to be honest I have more important things in my life than trying to manage a phone bill.

          Well put on your big boy pants and get a jobie freddie.

    $696 to buy the phone outright from Telstra. He couldn't tell me if that was for the 16 or 32 gig version.
    Either way, I won't be buying it from there. That's way more than the price on Google Play Store!

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