Briefly: Instagram Selfie Tips, Game Of Thrones Deaths Counted, 20 Dress Tips For Work

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: How to look amazing on Instagram, $11 Australian Shiraz named one of the top 100 wines in the world, 20 tips to dress appropriately for work.

  • We seem to have a few Game Of Thrones fans among our readers, if the success of our Top 10 Fantasy Writing Tips From George R.R. Martin post is anything to go by. A lot of you will probably get a giggle out of this tweeted photo of the books: someone has added a post-it note to every page where a character dies. There are a lot post-it notes.
  • An $11 Australian Shiraz has been named one of the top 100 wines in the world. Wine Spectator’s editors named 2010 Paringa Shiraz as the 52nd “most exciting” wine of 2013 after sampling more than 20,000 different drops. [Via Business Insider]
  • SMH has released a list of 20 tips to dress appropriately for work. The advice ranges from the obvious ("don't dress too sexy"), to the weird ("wear rich colours to portray authority"), but there are a few interesting pointers to be found. We particularly like the ones about avoiding noisy bangles and growing facial hair over the weekend.
  • The girls over at PopSugar have assembled a list detailing five ways to look better on Instagram. "Between the filters, the Gaussian blur, and the "creative" photo angles using a phone produces, getting a reasonably flattering picture on Instagram can seem like a challenge," the website explains. "Fortunately, there are some easy and smart ways to make sharing your #selfie on the popular picture-taking app work in your favour."
  • In related news, the official version of Instagram has finally been released for Windows Phone. The app includes app the full set of Instagram filters, linear and radial tilt-shift blur effects for extra depth of field, unlimited uploads and the ability to like and comment on other people’s photos and videos. Click here to download the beta.


    Instagram selfie tips... but using a photo taken by a photographer? Hmmmm....

      Well, it is an Instagram pic. And it's of Miranda Kerr, so stop complaining, :-P

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