Ask LH: What Should I Do During My University Break?

Hi Lifehacker, I have just finished my spring session for university, and only have exams to go. I was wondering if you have any tips on things I can do in my university break before I go back in early March? I already have a job and play a sport, but having another 48 hours free a week, I feel like if I don’t have any plans I’ll fritter the time away. Thanks, Keeping Busy

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Dear KB,

Looking back at university from the perspective of a couple of decades, this is my firm advice: there is nothing wrong with frittering away some of your time. Studying is hard work. Enjoy the break while you have the chance. Not absolutely every spare minute of your day has to be planned. That’s the case no matter how old you are, but it’s especially true of university. Enjoy the freedom. You won’t always have it.

No-one can accuse you of being lazy. You already have a job; you’re already keeping fit. If the urge to do something grabs you, go and do it, but don’t make yourself feel bad just because you haven’t plotted out every second of your day. You’ll be back in that world soon enough when study resumes for you in March.

You did ask for suggestions, and there’s no shortage of possibilities. Take part in NaNoWriMo and write a novel. Teach yourself to code. Volunteer for a local charity. Digitise all your older family photos. Audition for the X-Factor. Start planning a holiday for when you finally finish university.

We’d love more suggestions from readers as well, but don’t grab onto an idea just for the sake of doing something. Do something that reaches out and screams “I must do this now!”


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