Ask LH: How Can I Fund My Assassin's Creed Addiction?

Hi I'm a student and I've recently caught the Assassin's Creed bug. I've played the first three games on my iMac but Revelations was never released for Mac. I've decided to buy a PS3 in order to play the rest of the games. However, I'm a full time student (and thus have no money) and I'm doing an unpaid internship (so I don't have time for a part time job). What's the best way to make the $400 or so I need to feed my addiction? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks, Apprentice Assassin

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Dear AA,

If it's money-making advice you're after, you've come to the right place. This exhaustive guide explains various ways you can make extra money without giving up your day job. The article covers everything from the most effective ways to sell your unwanted stuff to signing up to a "runner" services in your spare time. There's also some great advice on how to earn money online here. You can find plenty of other useful tips via our Saving Money and Making Money tags.

However, we're not convinced that you actually need to do any of this stuff. Unless you're completely destitute (in which case you should probably shift your priorities away from gaming), a PlayStation 3 is hardly an insurmountable purchase. In fact, it's surprisingly affordable if you know where to look. For some reason, you seem to be stuck thinking in 2010 dollars — in reality, the console hasn't retailed for "$400 or so" in at least three years.

You can currently snap up the 12GB model for well under $300. In fact, we just did a cursory Google Shopping search and found one selling for $194, brand new, including shipping and handling.

If that's still too much money, it's possible to find even cheaper deals if you're willing to buy second-hand — we've seen them go for as little as $30 on eBay, for example. While you're at it, you can also pick up a second-hand copy of Assassin's Creed: Revelations for around $10, although the usual "buyer beware" caveats apply.

In the coming months, the price of the PS3 is expected to drop even further as the PlayStation 4 takes centre stage. If you can stave off your addiction until after Christmas, the additional savings could be worth it.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    2nd hand from EB for $138:

    or Xbox 360 for $108:

    you get warranty plus controller etc

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    Get your priorities straight - if you don't have time for a job, then you don't have time for Assassin's Creed.

      Give them a break - their doing an internship. They may be doing 40 unpaid hours a week at the moment plus study. Don't begrudge them a bit of r and r. They're not complaining about the situation!

      way to judge someone without completely comprehending their question, Jackie.

    Or just purchase a Windows OEM license, install bootcamp on your iMac and then buy the game on Steam.

      Or don't buy anything and download it from torrents and get the shit for free!

    Look for the AC anthology pack, it has all console releases to AC3 including DLC, its less than $100 now.

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