App Ops Brings Individual App Permission Management Back To KitKat

App Ops Brings Per-App Permission Management Back to KitKat

Android: When Android 4.4 arrived, it remove the ability to directly access the individual permissions manager built into Android. While it's no longer available to access directly, an app called App Ops can bring it back.

Now available for anyone running 4.3 and up, the new App Ops allows you to disable many permissions on a per app basis. For root users, Color Tiger's version of the app also adds the nifty ability to search for apps by name. The basic App Ops app that we've covered previously is also still available and updated to work with KitKat.

App Ops [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    Fantastic. I was wondering how to do this just a few days ago, and Lifehacker came to the rescue!

    this works on 4.3 and 4.2 as well.. I out of privacy frustration found this on XDA. I downloaded an app that helps me search for which bus I can take ect. it gives me timetables of public transport. only problem was. this app wants to read my call log. WTF FOR?
    so I grabbed this program, and went through every app and turned off all the BS. much safer cause of it. app developers are taking the piss!

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