Amazon Adds Free Analytics And Testing Services For Mobile App Developers

Android/iOS: Two potentially handy new free offerings from mobile app developers from Amazon: an analytics suite to track app usage and in-app purchases, and an A/B testing service to let you compare the reaction to different app features or interface choices.

The metrics service can track active devices on a daily and monthly basis, as well as sessions and retention. The A/B testing SDK lets you roll out up to five different app variants, and then provides feedback on which proved the most popular in a web dashboards. Both can operate across Android and iOS apps, which avoids the need to have separate tracking tools for each platform.

Amazon isn't operating as a charity (despite its ongoing lack of profit), and clearly a key driver for introducing these options is to encourage developers to tie into Amazon APIs such as the one for allowing in-app purchases of real-life products which it introduced earlier this year. But that doesn't mean they might not be a useful addition to your toolkit.,

Both services are built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. Hit the links below for more details.

Amazon Analytics Service

Amazon A/B Testing


    At Leanplum, mobile app A/B testing is our sole focus, and I’m glad Amazon’s mobile app SDK is adding A/B testing capabilities. A/B testing is huge on the web, and the mobile app industry is grossly underserved. When evaluating providers, definitely look at the following: 1) Full analytics integration, not just conversion tracking. 2) The ability to drill down into the A/B testing results using more advanced visualizations like histograms and funnels. 3) Statistical confidence intervals. You will be surprised how many times you think your A/B test was a success, but when you launch, nothing happens.

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