ALDI Mobile No Longer Has An Unlimited Plan

ALDI Mobile No Longer Has An Unlimited Plan

ALDI Mobile’s plans keep offering less and less value. Last month it halved the data allowance on its ‘Unlimited’ Plan; now it has cut out the ‘unlimited’ part as well.

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The $35 a month plan now includes up to 2500 minutes of calls, 2000 national SMS messages nd 500 MMS. It has also changed the name from ‘Unlimited’ to ‘$35 Plan’, a sensible move as otherwise the ACCC would come down on it hard for deceptive marketing.

Realistically not terribly many people need to make 83 minutes of calls a day or send 66 text messages, which is what the plan allows. However, the fact that ALDI Mobile keeps trimming its offerings does make us suspect more than ever that it will soon join Kogan Mobile on the scrapheap. If you’re on that plan, we’d suggest looking at alternatives.

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  • The only thing that’s changed about the product is the name. These limitations always existed in the “unlimited” product, and exceeding same still results in the same consequence[s].

    I guess the one benefit is that [potential] customers with an overblown sense of entitlement and an inability to read T&C’s will take their business elsewhere, which should save Medion some money (in TIO complaint fees and call centre costs).

    • ALDI Mobile certainly always had an acceptable usage clause (and I agree that everyone should read T&Cs), but the switch to listing a fixed number of minutes and messages is still a major change. I can’t agree that someone interpreting a plan called “Unlimited” as offering unlimited service reflects an “overblown sense of entitlement”.

  • I never saw that offer as anything of value, the value always seemed to me to be the long expiry credit and if you want data you buy 2gb a month for 15 dollars.

    I was a customer for Aldi Mobile for one month. During this month the unlimited plan I paid $35 for changed not once but twice, to the now $35 plan which I was not notified of untill I had exceeded the limit. At the end of the month I was unable to recharge my service as I had breached the ‘acceptable use policy’. I couldn’t get in contact with a representative via phone without having to wait on hold for 15 mins of more so I sent in a 1 page email explaining how I had been unfairly dismissed. I recieved a phone call in 24 hours from a complaints manager who told me he would not reconsider allowing me to renue my plan and didn’t even bother to read my email or consider my circumstances. Aldi Mobile is a rip off and perfect example of poor customer service and false advertising. It’s like buying a red shirt and coming home to see it changed to a black one, then not being able to get a refund. Bottom line: You can’t change something that’s been paid for!

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