ALDI Mobile No Longer Has An Unlimited Plan

ALDI Mobile’s plans keep offering less and less value. Last month it halved the data allowance on its ‘Unlimited’ Plan; now it has cut out the ‘unlimited’ part as well.

Picture: Getty Images

The $35 a month plan now includes up to 2500 minutes of calls, 2000 national SMS messages nd 500 MMS. It has also changed the name from ‘Unlimited’ to ‘$35 Plan’, a sensible move as otherwise the ACCC would come down on it hard for deceptive marketing.

Realistically not terribly many people need to make 83 minutes of calls a day or send 66 text messages, which is what the plan allows. However, the fact that ALDI Mobile keeps trimming its offerings does make us suspect more than ever that it will soon join Kogan Mobile on the scrapheap. If you’re on that plan, we’d suggest looking at alternatives.

[via Whistle Out via Fat Duck Tech]


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