A Bluffer’s Guide To Doctor Who [Infographic]

A Bluffer’s Guide To Doctor Who [Infographic]

So who is this Doctor person everyone keeps going on about? This monolithic infographic details five decades of adventures through time and space, explaining everything you need to know. Whether you’re a die-hard Whovian or a newly generated fan, the results are well worth checking out.

Yesterday, the hotly anticipated Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, aired simultaneously on television screens across the globe. The below infographic is designed to help the uninitiated get up to speed with doctors past and present. It includes all thirteen Doctors, iconic tools of the Gallifreyan trade and behind-the-scenes factoids about the long-running show’s production.

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  • David Tennant had it down pat, I think, although Christopher Eccleston was also very good. Unfortunately, Matt smith, although a good actor, made the role quite juvenile. As for Peter Capaldi, he is really going to have to work hard to throw off the Thick of It personna. Everyone is going to expect him to start yelling and cursing.

    • fortunately I have not seen the thick of it. The role I remember Capaldi in was in Torchwood. His acting was phenomenal and praise worthy.

      That combined with him obviously being (or at least used to) a fan of the show, will make for a ripper. Just look at when he was announced (holding his lapels) and obviously the fan letter he wrote when he was 15.

      The beauty of doctor who is that every doctor can and should be different. The challenge is, which ever way the actor is going to play the character is to make it convincing while being unique at the same time. This was something McGann managed to do in only a couple of minutes.

      Obviously he has played the 8th doctor since 1996 and that clearly shows, he owns the role

      • Not seeing The Thick of It can never be called fortunate. The show is brilliant and I wouldn’t worry about Peter Capaldi’s performance colouring your expectations of his Doctor. As you say, he’s a heck of an actor and any one of his characters should be able to make you forget about all his others.

    • I wouldn’t say Smith’s portrayal is any more juvenile than Tennant’s. Less so, if anything. Tennant was like an excitable, hyperactive boy, whereas Smith is more like the absent-minded professor whose mind works much faster than his mouth.

      But both portrayals lean towards the silly side, and it was nice to have John Hurt give them crap about it.

  • As an avid british DR WHO fan can i say that the first Dr i saw as a child was played by Tom Baker
    who had a cameo appearance in the last part of the Day of the Doctor which was aired on Saturday.
    Thought the show was brilliantly written and yes Matt Smith is meant to play the doctor in his
    child like manner as he is supposed to be more relaxed and funny. Hope you all enjoyed watching
    here’s to another series of ups downs and Gallifreyan madness we need in this mad universe.

  • Anyone else notice that Acronym is incorrect TRDS is what it should be as words like and and in are not included in capitalizations.

    • Whoever creates the acronym gets to choose whether articles are represented or not, usually depending on whether they make the resulting acronym into an easily-said word or not. In this case, Susan evidently decided that TARDIS rolled off the tongue a bit better than TRDS.

  • Thankyou! have been wanting to get ‘back’ into doctor who but have been having a hard time trying to figure out where I left off, this should help

  • Should I just start off with the David Tennant series? I watched it years ago during the Tom Baker era when I was kid and I have a general understanding of the overall story.

    • Start at Ninth Doc (Christopher Eccleston). Then you can enjoy the continuity of Billie Piper from there into 10th Doc series, and finally into Secret Diary of a Call Girl…where you get to see her 8008s !!! Wooooooo ! 😉

  • I’d start with the first season of the revived series, although there is less good episodes in that season there are a couple of fantastic storys.

  • I’ve never actually watched an episode of Dr. Who all the way through, but I think that I should. This is the one with Marty McFly and the time travelling toaster, right? Or is that James Bond’s series of unfortunate goblets?

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