WriteThat.Name Grabs Contact Info From Anywhere On The Web

Chrome: Email isn’t the only place you find someone’s contact information. It might be on LinkedIn, their personal website or somewhere else on the web. WriteThat.Name grabs that contact info from anywhere on the web and puts it into your address book.

We’ve talked about WriteThat.Name before, back when it was just a Gmail service that turned email signatures into contacts. Now, WriteThat.Name has a Chrome extension that lets you save contact info from anywhere online to your Google Contacts, Outlook or other local address book, Evernote and Salesforce.

Once the extension’s installed, find any contact information you want to save and highlight it. Then, click the extension’s icon in your toolbar and WriteThat.Name will show you the information it has ripped from your selection and offer to save it directly or let you edit it.

The first 42 contact “grabs” are free, after which you will need to use a premium plan.

WriteThat.Name [Chrome Web Store]

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