Why Online Training Can’t Beat Beer And Pizza

Why Online Training Can’t Beat Beer And Pizza

Online learning is a popular tactic in the IT scene; many certifications don’t require evidence of any face-to-face training at all. But not every industry sector is equally receptive to electronic learning.

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Appliance industry title Current notes that in the electronics retailing sector, face-to-face events to educate retailers on new products are often far more successful than electronic learning. As Acer marketing GM David Sutton pointed out:

The incentive for free time learning is very difficult. That’s why the traditional, face-to-face, labour-intensive way works.

For IT pros training themselves, electronic learning is likely to remain an important option. However, the appliance sector experience reminds us that what works for us won’t always work for everyone else.

Pizza & Beer vs E-Learning: The Trade Talks Training [Current]


  • Genuinely not entirely sure what your point is.. The two industries (physical goods vs theoretical goods) seem very different. I guess it’s true that more students would be encouraged to go to uni if supplied free beer and food as they frequently are for free at such events in other industries… if that’s your point at all.

    I don’t think for say, ITIL, Cisco certifications for example, face to face is inherently going to have any tangible benefits for me.. Though some people do learn better in a more structured face to face environment….. if that’s your point (I wasn’t joking) at all…

    To me this article reads to have little more to it than “an effective product training (aka marketing) event occurred”. Good for their marketing and Harvey Normans sales teams working well together, I guess..

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