Why Migrating To Cloud Office Suites Doesn’t Always Make Life Simpler

Why Migrating To Cloud Office Suites Doesn’t Always Make Life Simpler

Part of the appeal of deploying cloud-based solutions such as Office 365 or Google Drive is the idea that it will reduce IT administration overheads. Forrester Research reminds us that this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re trying to migrate lots of existing documents.

As Forrester analyst TJ Keitt points out in a blog post, ease of administration only comes with these platforms if you’re willing to largely abandon those existing systems:

These platforms are simple to implement if you’re willing to cleanly break with the past. Many of the successful Google Apps and Office 365 deployments we studied have a common thread: IT leaders decided against migrating years of content to these services. One Office 365 client told us they were successful because, “We kept the migration as simple as possible. We didn’t complicate things with complex migrations and use cases.”

Making that kind of wholesale switch can be complicated; there’s always a “vital” Excel spreadsheet someone can’t give up. Be prepared for some annoying support moments.

Simple Isn’t Always That Simple When Moving To Google Apps Or Office 365 [Forrester Blogs]


  • down in the SE suburbs of melbourne there has been no optus internet for DAYS (it has come back on about 10 minutes ago, but since MONDAY it was out)

    imagine running a business and needing to get online to do word processing (also landlines were out for the same amount of time)

    • you move stuff to cloud then internet service become far more critical than used to. Surely considering a fall back (3g/4g routers) should be a part of the plan.

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