Which Stores Offer The Best iTunes Discounts?

iTunes gift cards are one of those items that are on sale more often than not, and we regularly highlight the latest deals for them. But which stores offer the most frequent and best discounts, and are good deals getting harder to come by?

Gift Cards On Sale (one of our favourite deal-hunting sites) has analysed every deal it listed between January 2010 and September this year. The big picture that emerges: there's nearly always a deal on, but the average discount has fallen slightly. Deals are more common in certain months (March, November and December stand out).

Target has listed the most deals during that time, but has the lowest average discount. Harvey Norman has the highest, but its deals often involve one-day sales and require a store visit.

Hit the full post for more statistics. The big lesson? If you see a deal with more than 25 per cent off (rare, but it happens), stock up.

A snapshot of iTunes gift card discounts at Australian retailers Jan 2010 – Sep 2013 [Gift Cards On Sale]



      Yeah, that and other similar services are good for music. But don't forget iTunes cards can be used for apps, computer software, movies, tv, etc.

      I didn't realise you could use Spotify to download apps, tv shows, movies, rentals to your iPhone/iPad/Mac?...

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