What’s Your Primary Camera?

What’s Your Primary Camera?

Even with smartphone cameras getting better all the time, some people still opt for a simple point-and-shoot camera. Others elect to carry around something with a little more power. What do you use most?

Smartphones offer highly capable cameras with always-on connectivity for sharing snapshots. Point-and-shoot cameras offer a decent experience in a small package for people who may not want a smartphone. Hobbyists and professionals are likely to carry something like a DSLR or mirrorless camera. We’ve shown you how to choose the perfect camera for your needs. But we’re curious:

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  • Primarily my phone. (Galaxy S3)
    But I also carry a tiny Samsung ES95 P&S in my bag that I got for cheap.
    Use a DSRL when I plan to take photos.

    • I’m on an S3 too….and it’s terrible. Especially low light, it’s one thing Apple do very well – my wife’s iPhone5 takes incredible images by comparison.

  • My primary camera is a Nikon D300, because of the photo quality. Second is a Fuji HS10 which has a poorer sensor but an integrated 30x zoom, and then finally if I don’t have any of these with me then my Xperia Z.
    Mind you, the phone basically gets used for ‘reference’ photos – menus, maps, etc. If I take a photo with the phone, I never expect to be able to use it for anything other than a glance on the phone. The same applies to my partner’s Galaxy S4.

  • When I was having issues with the screen on my phone (the screen would freeze and go grainy for 10-15 seconds before turning off) I thought “I should get a photo of this as evidence”. Then I realised my phone is the only camera I own (not withstanding shitty tablet camera).

  • when overseas i still use a DSLR and a small water/drop proof P&S, in Aus i use either the DSLR or my smart phone (S4). i try not to carry a phone overseas, the P&S takes better photos and is less expensive if it gets lost.

  • Just got back from 7 weeks overseas. For that I used my iPhone 5, and my crappy little Cannon Ixus 75 which I have had for a number of years. Sadly the latter was just not up to the job (low light shots particularly) and I will need to start investigating something that makes a significant improvement for future trips. Will investigate DSLRs and P&S types.

    • Yes, I used to have an Ixus. I since upgraded to a Cannon G12 (it’s a step up from a point and click but doesn’t have a detachable lens).

      It takes great shots and is surprisingly portable. Recommended. It’s about $400.

  • Always with me: iphone 5 (formerly galaxy 2, but the camera was so poor I barely used it)
    Usually in my bag or car: Fuji x100
    If I want to walk around and take photos: Fuji gf670
    If I want to take photos of people, for said people: Contax 645
    For pure fun? Instax Wide. It’s awesome. Even if it makes you a hipster.

    Most used, though, is my workhorse(s), which gets used when I need specific lens sets (usually ultrawide or tele), for when I need to use studio lighting or when I specifically need digital files (generally for later manipulation, like doing panos or big multilayers), Canon 7D. It’s such a good camera that I still haven’t bothered replacing my now-dead 5D2, although (tax time) + (drunken ebaying) might lead to a 6D. Or a Chamonix 045. Or both, depending how drunk I am.

    With everyone so anxious for a 7D2, the 7D easily has the best price:performance ratio for someone looking at a capable dslr – ie, not someone who is going to be a green square, popup flash, kit lens, live view shooting Uncle Jim.

    I don’t see any reason to own a compact digicam when a phone is a much more convenient snapshot camera and an x100 is miles better as a pocket/shoulder bag camera. Compacts are the urban SUVs of the camera world – too big to be convenient, too limited to be useful.

    The x100 is hugely underrated by people who just shop based on specs. It’s a brilliant little package that goes everywhere. And they are dirt cheap since everyone upgraded to the S model.

  • I use my mobile for quick shots where its easier to take a snap rather than write some info down.
    Works well if I see some advert on a bus or car to get the phone number or to capture some form
    I need to remember I filled or for proof. Otherwise if I really need to take a photo I have Canon Powershot SX40 with insane zoom and tricks and for other where I can’t take large camera I have little cannon ixus.

  • As others have said: Camera always with me: the camera in my Moto Defy phone. Very poor photos, particularly in low light, but better than nothing in most cases.

    Primary when expecting to take photos: Canon 650D with a 25-104L lens. Good balance between weight and functionality for me.

    By end of year, I will add a second body (70D) to my kit. Need full frame!

    • I’m jealous of you looking to get the 70D. I bought a 60D last year, and the 70D seems to address most of my little “If only it had X” issues.

      I’m a little thrown by your “need full frame” though. The 70D is still a crop. You need to get into the single digit bodies (with the exception of the 7D which is still crop, just to ensure there’s no consistency because who wants that?).

  • Canon Ixus 500 HS – I got it after my Ixus 120 LS finally died on me in February. It’s small enough that I can carry it around, and good enough that it can compensate for my poor photography skills.

  • If you go through my iPhoto collection, I think you’d find >50% are from my various iPhones I’ve had over the years. Even in the last 1.3 years of having a DSLR you’d probably find that. Most of those photos are utility ones though such as “This is where I parked in case I forget later” and “I’ll need this information later but no pen on me and typing it into the phone will take too long”. It also comes with me everywhere so it’s available when the DSLR isn’t.

    If you go through my flickr collection, I think you’d find >95% are from my proper cameras (DSLR and prior to having that, the point&shoot that preceded it as my “proper” camera).

    I have no hesitation in combining phone/dslr pics into a single album though. My only criteria are that the photos are good, and most phones can qualify for that these days.

    Main camera for utility, reminders or simply because it’s there: iPhone.
    Main camera for good photos/memories: DSLR.

  • I love my sony rx100
    great photos and relatively poket-able. I take it most places with me (my iphone 4 camera isnt exactly up to the task)

  • Canon 7D. Three good pieces of glass to attach.
    Used at least 3 to 4 times a week and lots more when away.

    Always have the smart phone Galaxy in pocket.
    Great for taking notes on prices and on instant requirements

    Canon IXUS 220 in the car glove box.
    Can do the same as Galaxy above but with more flexibility

    Every car has a DVR camera recording every trip.
    Ever had an argument with a government bus?

    IP connected security camera recording every event movement into property.
    Does it all the time 24/365

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