What You’ll Pay For Google Maps Engine Pro

What You’ll Pay For Google Maps Engine Pro

Google has launched Maps Engine Pro, a new mapping tool designed to represent business data in map form. That’s potentially useful if you want to visualise large volumes of data, but you’ll pay for the feature.

The current version of Maps Engine, which is largely aimed at developers, has usage-based charging. However, Maps Engine Pro (itself built as a Maps Engine app, with an Android client also available) charges on a per-user basis. You can pay $US5 per month per user on a no-contract deal, or $50 per user per year on a 12-month contract. (You can add additional users to the 12-month contract on a pro-rata basis).

You can sign up for a free trial before using the full service. See Google’s blog post for more details.

Introducing Google Maps Engine Pro [Google Enterprise Blog]

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