What Is The Scariest Movie Ever Made?

Like most things in life, 90 percent of horror films are rubbish. From hammy acting to fake looking effects, there's a lot that can go wrong. But every few years, a pitch-black reel of grueling horror will spring from the projector to disturb and terrify everyone in the theatre. (And we're not just talking about Rob Schneider comedies.)

The first horror movie that truly scared me was probably the original Texas Chain-Saw Massacre. The primitive filmmaking chops of rookie director Tobe Hooper somehow made everything more authentic and primal. It felt like a genuine snuff film and the climactic dinner table scene scuttled indelibly into my impressionable 14-year old mind.

Since the mid-90s, most Hollywood horror films have been slick, manufactured stepping-stones made by advertising and music video directors looking to break into movies. By and large they're pretty forgettable, but a few still manage to raise a chill. If you're looking for a fright tonight, recent examples worth checking out include The Conjuring, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, The Devil's Rejects, Martyrs, REC (Spanish version) and the latest Evil Dead remake.

What do you think is the most (intentionally) terrifying movie ever made? To add an element of Lifehackery to proceedings, we also want to hear about how you enhance the mood — do you watch in total darkness? Do you crank up the volume to maximize jump-scares? Share your ideas and nominations in the comments section below. Also feel free to nominate your favourite scary video games, comics or books. (And happy Halloween!)


    nobody mentioned the Blair Witch Project? I know it got a lot of mixed reviews especially after the initial hubub died down, but at the time I remember a lot of my friends confirming with me - scary as!

      Agreed. I think Blair Witch's reputation has suffered because it was overhyped at the time of release and has since been parodied by numerous comedies.

    The scariest movie of recent years as Wolf Creek

    The scariest movie ever for me was the original "Evil Dead", nothing else has ever really scared me.
    Intellectually I acknowledge the Evil Dead is more of a comedy horror but I watched it when I was 7 while waiting to to be picked up to go spend the weekend in an old wooden hut in the mountains.
    This caused about 15 years worth of nightmares.
    I tried watching it again recently and I reverted to a terrified 7 year old immediately. This movie freaks the sh&t out of me.

      Actually, I'd argue that the original Evil Dead contains very little intentional comedy - the slapstick and Bruce Campbell mugging only appears in the sequels.

    I watched the Conjuring after having scary paranormal experiences (13 yrs old by the way) I'm still yet to find a movie that can actually scare me, not little jump scares that'll have me scared for a second or two, maybe one that'll actually burn fear into my mind for a few days or something? Help me out a bit here, I know the Conjuring and the Haunting in Connecticut are based on true events but I can always tell where the fakery comes in. I really want a good horror for once? Thanks :)

    idk. most of the movies mentioned where not scary at all. IT is pretty damn freaky but thats because i hate clowns. sinister was a pretty good one, but so was the conjuring. insidious one and two where also very good. and so was mirrors. but none of them really got under my skin. well there is a part in insidious two that freaked me out for a while. lol but i really need to find a movie that truly scares the fuck out of me. like the game outlast. that shits scary as fuck.

    aslo! i thought 1408 was a pretty good movie as well

    They're just Hollywood horrors but quite scary.

    I believe the scariest movie I've ever watched and will not watch again is fire in the sky, it's a sci-fi about an alien who apparently kidnapped a man or some men in the white mountains of Arizona. I grew up in southern Arizona. It was and to this day still the scariest movie I believe that was ever made. Peace and love y'all

    Scary as hell movi
    1 Silent Hill
    2 The Realm
    3 Wait untill dark
    4 Blind Terror
    5The Strangers
    6 Jaws
    7Rosemarys Baby
    8Wrong Turn
    9 In the dead of night
    10 The Devils Triangle(Bermuda)
    11 Waxmuseum
    12 House of Wax
    13 Texas Chainsaw
    14The Omen
    15 Paranormal activity
    16 Cujo
    17The Ring
    18Blair Witch Project
    19Friday the 13th
    20Did you check the children yet?

    I love true stories. The scariest is truth as in "THE EXORCIST AND TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE are true stories!!! Truth is alot scarier than fiction.

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