What Happens When You Exceed Your Google Storage Limit?

What Happens When You Exceed Your Google Storage Limit?

Google’s storage offerings are fairly generous, but there are limits. Google is happy for you to pay extra, but many people prefer to work within the existing 15GB limit. What happens when you fill up that space?

As Google Operating System notes, Google won’t actually delete files when you hit the 15GB barrier, but it will affect your use of Google services almost immediately. Rather obviously, you won’t be able to upload any more files, but above that, because the 15GB Google offers is shared across all of its services, your Gmail account will also suffer, because you won’t have the storage to process new messages. To solve that, you will need to delete something.

One nice factor here is that Google doesn’t count smaller photos or videos stored in Google+ Photos. If your snap is under 2048×2048 or shorter than 15 minutes, Google says it doesn’t count towards your storage limit. As we’ve previously noted, it’s simple to keep track of which files are eating up your Google storage quota.

There was a time when 15GB of online storage sounded impressive, but many of Google’s competitors now offer terabytes of free storage by way of comparison.

Google’s Storage Problem [Google Operating System]


      • yeah I don’t think anyone does lol.. Considering a terrabyte of storage at average per gigabyte rates this year (~$0.05) is still about $50..

        Email provider: “Here, let me just give you $50 out of my own pocket and stay in business for a long time”

        • Yeah, also the average person should never need a terrabyte for their emails haha. Though saying that I have mates with Gmail accounts who don’t delete mail, they just let it accumulate, one friend he has 8,000 unread emails.

          • I let most of mine accumulate, but the only unread ones are the ones in the ‘Promotions’ folder using Google’s fancy new sorting system. I’m using 5.6GB and I’ve had my account since 2007.

          • I have >11,000 unread out of ~14,000 emails (1.6gb) in gmail alone since im guessing sometime in 2007. My iPhone reports 2,877 unread emails.

            All up over all accounts i probably have somewhere in the vicinity of 20k unread emails (though 19,900+ are probably either uncleaned up spam, mailinglists auto generated emails from various cloud apps. I am very slack with email.

  • Uh, so in the end you didn’t actually say what happens, other than you stop receiving gmail and won’t be able to upload anything. Thanks Captain Obvious! Not sure that deserves an entire article.

    Maybe if you added some insight into how you could pay to upgrade the storage or something… jeez…

    • my work email just passed 25gb the other day. I archive absolutely everything and over a few years at a company it adds up pretty quick

      • lol I know it can, but it shouldn’t! It’s probably safe to delete that email from a coworker 2-3 years ago asking you if you want a coffee 😛

        • Deleting those coffee emails won’t amount to a hillabeans. Might as well allow them to archive just in-case you want to reference something that coincided with that coffee date. You don’t end up with lots of data over chit chat emails. It’s the work emails with photos, brochures, and CAD files that amount to data.
          FYI, I’m exceeding my 15 GB on my Google account, that’s why I’m here.

  • There is no mention of YouTube, videos can chew up space very quick. So does youtube video count as part of google service now too ?

  • I wonder if you can use this to store an unlimited amount of data in Google (or at least a very large amount) by tacking binary data onto the end of small images.

    Anyone tried?

    • That sounds like it involve a massive amount of energy…. that energy is probably worth more than the $10 per month for extra storage.

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