Ways To Maximise Your Long Weekend

Ways To Maximise Your Long Weekend

It’s a Labour Day long weekend in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT. Whether you want to use your time off to be productive, eat some great food, or just chill out and relax, we’ve got you covered so your extra day doesn’t go to waste.

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Get Your BBQ On

The weather is getting warm already so a BBQ could be ideal. Different techniques help bring out the flavour in different meats, whether you want the perfect burger or steak.

For hot dogs, a great spiral cut technique makes all the difference. For sausages, you ought to just poach them right on the BBQ. An attractive DIY mosquito torch will keep the bugs away while you’re out there.

Entertainment? A giant bubble wand can make for a lot of fun and some awesome photos. If you need to liven things up, this outdoor music streamer made from a kitchen cart will help.

Get Organised

While you ought to relax if you need it, you can use your free time to get stuff done. Besides, if you organise things now you’ll have less work to do later. For those with tiny apartments, here are a few great suggestions. We’re also big fans of the closet office.

When it comes to the kitchen, consider organising it like a programmer. If you have a huge mess to tackle, start with a full reboot.

When it comes to wrangling cables, you have plenty of options. Rain gutters can do the trick, but so can hiding them artfully in plain sight.

Of course, ever-versatile binder clips always help and you have lots of other options if you need them.

Build Some Technology

If you have to take the fun indoors, you still have plenty of available projects. Of all the projects we love, building a computer takes the top slot. For Apple lovers, make it a hackintosh.

For a less robust machine, consider building a NAS. You can even convert it into an internet video downloader.

If you want to play some games, your desktop or smartphone makes for a great retro arcade.

The same goes for the Raspberry Pi. You can also build it into an arcade table.

If you’d rather go analogue, check out the board game remix kit. It offers lots of ways to liven up boring old board games you have lying around the house.

Just Chill Out

Stress hurts, so don’t let it get to you on your day off. It helps to sleep, of course, so if you need to catch up a day off is a great time to reboot your sleep cycle.

You can take measures to counteract stress now and in the future, such as starting a meditation routine or yoga. Both will help you relax and a day off provides time to learn.

If you need a few ways to relax when you get back into the rush of normal life, set yourself up with a personal thunderstorm or visit Calm.com for a break.