Wash Your Face Once A Day At Night For Better Skin

Wash Your Face Once a Day at Night for Better Skin

You wouldn't think face washing would be an exact science, but over at The Wall Street Journal dermatologists suggest that for the best skin, you want to stick to washing your face only once a day at night.

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The myth of washing your face twice a day just isn't necessary for most people. It's also just a bad idea. The Wall Street Journal explains:

Unless you have a skin condition, such as acne, some dermatologists say you only need to wash your face once a day — in the evening. Nighttime cleaning removes makeup, pollutants and other dirt that has collected on the skin. Washing twice a day can cause dryness, a particular concern as women and men age.

Of course, everyone's a little different so you might need to tweak to fit your needs, but you can head over to The Wall Street Journal for a bunch more tips to do just that.

The Real Dirt on Face Washing [The Wall Street Journal]


    what? So I shouldn't wash my face in the morning? doesn't make sense

      Yeah would think washing your face in the morning would be rather important..

    This really isn't true. Washing twice a day is perfectly acceptable, and is a mainstay of many skin care regimes. If you are concerned your skin is too dry, use a more gentle cleanser and use a moisturiser more often.

      So wash twice, strip more oil from you skin so you need to use more moisturiser. Yep, sounds like a typical "skin care regime" pushed by a moisturiser company.

        Not really. It depends on what sort of results you want. Do you want to avoid acne and blemishes, or slow the ageing process on your skin? Then you will need to target the skin's natural tendencies toward those things.

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