Wakeup.io Wakes You With A Free Wake-Up Call, Anywhere In The World

Wakeup.io Wakes You With A Free Wake-Up Call, Anywhere In The World

Most of us have a preferred alarm clock, whether it’s a clock that sits on the nightstand or a series of alarms on our smartphones. But if you need a little extra push to get up, Wakeup.io is a free wake-up call service that works with any number, anywhere in the world.

First, the service is global and can accept international numbers. Second, as soon as a wake-up call is scheduled, a text message is sent to your number to confirm that a wake-up call has been scheduled at a specific time. If you respond with “sleep”, the call will be cancelled. If you reply with “stop”, your number will be removed from the system and prevent future scheduling.

In addition to text messages, the service also combats abuse by giving you a number to call to cancel a scheduled wake up call or block the service entirely (the same number that calls you when it’s time to wake up). Similarly, Wakeup.io is rate limited, so you can only schedule three wake-up calls every 48 hours, just so no one can spam you with automatic calls.

I gave Wakeup.io a try, and the wake-up call is what you would expect: As soon as you pick up, you get an automated voice that says it’s time to wake up, and then the call ends. If you’re the type to oversleep, even through your alarm, it might be one extra weapon in your arsenal to make sure you get up in time for that important meeting or interview.