Remove Makeup With Olive Oil

Remove Makeup With Olive Oil

You know how it goes. I don’t because I don’t wear makeup, but I have it on good authority that there are occasions when you need to remove makeup quickly and might not have makeup remover around. In that case, olive oil can make a decent substitute.

Photo by Andy Rennie.

Olive oil is naturally less abrasive than many makeup removers and chances are you have some in your house already anyway. Alternatively, jojoba oil also does a pretty great job of removing make up in a pinch.

How To Wash Your Face And Remove Makeup With Oil [Mind Body Green]


  • Worth noting that any old olive oil will not cut the mustard in terms of skin care. It has to be 100% pure, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. If the olive oil is cut with other, more processed oils (it likely is if it’s cheaper, there is little regulation in the olive oil industry re: labelling), this can result in acne.
    This goes for jojoba and coconut oil as well.

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