Use Company Logo Labels To Make Filing Easier

If you keep paper copies of bills and other important documents, filing them can be a drag. Lifehacker reader James made the process easier by cutting the logos from envelopes and using those to label each individual category in his filing cabinet.

The picture gives you the essential idea, and here's James to elaborate:

I came up with this idea (I may not be the first) where I cut out copies of the relevant logos and label each file by the logo of the company contained within. It may not suit all filing styles but certainly makes filing easier, quicker and almost fun!

We remain big fans of scanning everything and going paperless, but if you are going to maintain paper files, this definitely makes it easier to keep track. Thanks James!


    You know what would be easier?

    Alphabetical order

    Something this guy's filing system doesn't seem to use.

      How dare you bring logic to the internet!

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