Use A Crayola Crayon When Selling Stuff Online To Show Colour And Size

Use A Crayola Crayon When Selling Stuff Online To Show Colour And Size

When you are putting something up for sale on eBay, it’s all about how good that photo looks. We have shown you how to take great images when selling stuff on the web, but one Redditor suggests a new trick: include a simple Crayola crayon in the photo.

Image: dion [oʇoɥdʞoɯɐ]

Ideally, the crayon you include should be of a similar colour to the item, and have its label facing the camera.

Says VAPossum:

I say Crayola, specifically, because unlike some other brands (especially generic), Crayola brand crayons are a well known standard size, and the colours are very standardised as well. A brick red in Maine bought today is the same size and tint/hue as a brick red bought in Oregon four years ago.

LPT: Selling something smallish online and want a way to show accurate scale *and* colour? Put a matching Crayola crayon in the picture [Reddit]


  • Let me guess who thought this up? A marketing guy from Crayola? Sounds just like a good way to get more Crayola sales plus free promotion to me.

    What a load of rubbish… You could use any common item for size and colour reference such as a coin or even *gasp* a school ruler!

  • Yes, because everybody has a Crayola crayon handy.

    If only there was a standardised way of measuring the linear dimensions of objects, and if we could incorporate this into a device which allows you to easily determine this measurement.

  • I agree with the other comments, this is stupid. Seriously, stick a ruler or a coin or something in there. A colour photo will, believe it or not, demonstrate the colour. Unless the lighting is particularly bad, then a photo should be good enough. If the accuracy of colour is important enough to the person that they don’t trust a photo, they’d be better off looking at it in person.

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