Unf**k Your Habitat Maliciously Motivates You To Form Better Habits

Unf**k Your Habitat Maliciously Motivates You To Form Better Habits

Android/iOS: If you struggle with mess and disorganisation, you know that it’s difficult to complete simple tasks like making the bed or setting an alarm. If you’re struggling, Unf**k Your Habitat (Unfilth Your Habitat on iOS) tries to motivate you to complete small tasks around the house.

The app is based on the website of the same name and takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to cleaning up your home and organising your stuff. It’s essentially a to-do list with a bunch of challenges and a handful of profanity for good measure. You can set it up with random motivators like “vacuum, sweep, or mop the floor”, or just use it as a list of minor things you need to do around the house like “clean the car”.

When you complete tasks, you’re rewarded with points and achievements. It’s definitely a sadistic app that’s meant for adults who don’t mind a lot of profanity (as the blurred our screenshots above demonstrate), but if you’re looking for a more humorous, goofy and over-the-top motivator to clean up your house, Unf**k Your Habitat is worth a look.

Unf**k Your Habitat ($1.99) [Google Play via Boing Boing] Unfilth Your Habitat ($1.99) [iTunes App Store via Boing Boing]


  • IT would be a brave man to try and unfuck my pantry….I have no Idea what lives in the back, proboly a pack of noodles from 1995??

    • we once found a sachet of tandoori sauce in the pantry that expired in 1989. we’d moved house twice since then, including one move from sydney to perth. i still don’t know how that even happens.

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