Trackthisforme Tracks Anything You Want

Trackthisforme Tracks Anything You Want

Need to track your weight, height, water intake, backup bubblegum stock, fingernail length, the number of times your dog poops per day or how many red M&Ms you eat? Just tell Trackthisforme what you want to measure, and it will help you do it.

As pictured above, you can see I've been tracking my awesomeness level using the price au (awesome units) measurement. While 25 may seem low, like the Russian pood, low numbers are deceivingly impactful. If you already know how awesome you are, you can use Trackthisforme to track pretty much anything else whether more or less practical. In addition to just entering in the data of your choice, it will show you a graph and calculate averages, totals, and how long it anticipates it will take you to reach your custom goal.

While many tracking sites focus on a specific genre of data (e.g. health, personal finance), you don't get a lot of flexibility in how you set up the things you want to monitor. Trackthisforme provides a very personalised experience so you can make it work the way you want. You can use the tool for free, but if you don't want ads, want a few extra features and want to support the developers, you can pay $US20 per year.



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