Can You Peel Apples In Seconds With A Cordless Drill?

Peeling apples isn't exactly difficult, but if you have a ton to peel (and you don't have a tabletop apple peeler), it can be time consuming. When we stumbled on this method from Instructables user bricobart, we had to give it a try. Good news, it works! Kind of.

So, can you peel apples in seconds with a cordless drill? Sure! It works surprisingly well once you really get into it....but we can't really recommend it unless you have a ton of apples to peel and maybe a garage or a tarp you can hose down when you're finished. It's really messy, and you'll probably spend more time cleaning than you would actually peeling the apple by hand.

Here's how it works. Get a flat-headed drill bit (make sure it's clean!), stab the apple through the bottom, and then press your manual peeler against the surface of the apple. Pull the trigger on the drill, and watch the magic happen. In reality, "the magic" is apple spray and skin flying everywhere. Reposition the peeler as necessary to get the rest of the skin off, and when you're all finished, your apple is ready for slicing, candying, or cooking.

Sure, you don't have to go out and buy something you don't have, like a big apple-peeling unitasker for your kitchen, and yes, if you get to the point where the time you'd spend manually peeling apples is more than the time you'd spend cleaning up after this, it's definitely a time-saver, but you might want some safety goggles before you get started.

Hit the link below to see more photos, and the walkthrough at Instructables.

Peeling Apples — The Hacked Way [Instructables]


    I would have thought an orbital sander works better...

    Just eat the peel, core, pips - everything except the stalk!

    I'm sure it would have worked better if he didn't use the worlds longest drill bit, and turned the drill right down. Even then, it would be quicker just to peel it by hand

    Looks like the answer to the question posed in the headline is a resounding No!

    I would say you would need to put the drill down on the towel and have the apple hanging over the sink. Then use the drill like a lathe - get the apple spinning and then apply the peeler. He kind of did that at the end. if I was peeling 20+ apples I would do this but this isn't an everyday lifehack.

    why do you need to peel it anyways, its good as is.
    may be it's a personal preference.

    We've got one of the peelers shown at the bottom of this page -

    Works perfectly and very easily. We have to hide it from the kids or every fruit or vegetable that could fit into it would be peeled/sliced/cored.

    This is OBVIOUSLY for peeling lots and lots of apples - like if you were making apple pies for your freezer, or to slice and dry tons of them, or for canning applesauce. It's Not for one apple (did you notice he did several and still had more to do?), not for eating them; it's for late fall when you have scads of apples and need to do something with them. City folk may not get this idea.

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