This Video Puts 30 Popular Life Hacks To The Test

If you've seen some of the tips and hacks we've posted and wondered if they actually work, check out this video from Mental Floss. John Green put 30 different life hacks to the test with some surprising results.

It might look like he's out to debunk every one he tries, but keep watching — you'd be surprised how many of them actually pass (often with hilarious results). The ones that fail often fail because he's either not doing them correctly, not doing them very well, or just because they don't work in every situation (For example, folding a fitted sheet may fail in the video, but it's really not hard to do correctly).

Some of the others though, like chilling a beer by wrapping it in a towel and the right way to amplify your phone's speaker (hint, it's not by sliding it top-down into a toilet paper tube) are solid tips we've covered before, complete with the science behind how they work. Still, most of the hacks pass, and if you take the fails with a grain of salt (and look up how the trick is supposed to work), it's a great demonstration of the more popular life hacks out there. Check it out above, or hit the link below to view it on YouTube. Thanks devgal88!

30 Life Hacks Debunked [Mental Floss (YouTube)]


    I think if you had a longer knife the cherry tomato one would have totally worked.

    Overall the video seemed a bit half arsed. Most of the failed ones appear to be more because he can't follow instructions:

    Sunglasses - out of three possible positions he chooses the two that don't work.
    Wine bottle opening - source uses a screw, not a nail.
    Keep spoon off the counter - obviously you need a spoon that will fit through the hole
    Fold a fitted sheet - wasn't using a flat surface to fold on, just dangling it in the air
    Cutting open ice cream - cuts across rather than lengthwise
    Microwaving pizza - source states that it stops it from getting chewy

    The sound amplification ones are rather iffy given that there's no objective measurement of whether the sound is louder. I know from experience that it does redirect the sound slightly and makes it slightly louder.

    And on a final disgruntled note, who lights a fire right next to a laptop?

    Cool vid.nice bloke.would like a few more serious attempts ( why cork at that fulcrum?) would love to see these attempts done successfully to examine the minutiae of fail vs successs

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