This DIY Blind Minder Automatically Opens And Closes Your Blinds

If you're into home automation, this DIY Blind Minder is a worthwhile weekend project. It will open and shut your blinds depending on room temperature, it has a programmable thermostat, and includes a manual switch for opening and closing.

We've shown you a couple of Arduino-powered blinds before, but this DIY Blind Minder from the folks at Make takes the cake. The video above walks you through its features. When the room gets too hot, it will shut the blinds. When it cools off a bit, it will open them. If you want to get up and open or close them yourself, just walk over and hit the button.

It still needs an Arduino and a temperature sensor to work, but the rest of the components are affordable (and available online; you can see a full list at the link below). One of the best things about this setup is that it's easily mounted and removed from your blinds without having to take everything apart or use specific blinds for it to work. Hit the link below for the full project walkthrough.

Mini Blind Minder [Make via Boing Boing]


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