The Skills You Need To Score A Job At Google, Apple Or Microsoft

The Skills You Need To Score A Job At Google, Apple Or Microsoft

LinkedIn has ranked the most in-demand employers of 2013 and the skills that they’re seeking, and tech companies dominate the top 100. Looking for a job at Google? Time to brush up on your Python.

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LinkedIn’s inDemand index ranks the companies which experienced the most “interactions” around jobs, and identifies the skills those companies are most actively seeking when recruiting.

We’ve pulled out the tech companies from the top 100 and listed the skills that are most sought. Since they’re based on search terms, these aren’t an infallible guide — I’m willing to bet Objective-C would help you more at Apple than iLife — but they’re interesting indicators. And skilling up in Python definitely looks wise.

Company Ranking Skills sought
Google #1 Distributed systems, Python, Google AdWords
Apple #2 iLife, iWork, OS X
Microsoft #5 Cloud computing, partner management, enterprise software
Facebook #6 Python, algorithms, distributed systems
Amazon #7 Distributed systems, scalability, algorithms
Twitter #23 Scalability, distributed systems, Python #25 SaaS, PaaS, enterprise software
Vmware #38 Cloud computing, virtualisation, SaaS
Oracle #39 Enterprise software, SaaS, pre-sales
Electronic Arts #44 Video games, game development, PS3
Adobe #53 SaaS, enterprise software, agile methodology
HP #55 IT service management, service delivery, pre-sales
Cisco #60 Unified communications, Cisco technologies, routing
Netflix #74 Scalability, distributed systems, Hadooop
Red Hat #84 Open source, Red Hat, RHEL
Samsung #85 Consumer electronics, embedded systems, mobile devices
IBM #90 Solutions architecture, pre-sales, cloud computing
NetApp #97 Storage, NAS, storage virtualisation
Spotify #99 Git, digital media, Python



  • Some of these sound like general secretarial jobs, like Apple — OS X skills? Great if you’re at reception, but if you want to build OS X, you’d need more than just knowledge of the OS..

    • I have a feeling the Apple one might include Apple Retail Stores (so people who do iLife classes etc), as opposed to a job in head office.

      • Good point. I was assuming that this was for corporate jobs, given that almost every other company on the list was not retail.

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