The His-And-Hers Workspace

The His-and-Hers Workspace

When you're sharing a workspace with a partner, it helps if both parties share the same aesthetic sensibilities. Today's featured workspace reflects just that, while keeping the individual desk areas personalised.

Shannon and Matt converted their small living room into an office space. They made everything fit well together by keeping the furniture the same colour (white), with simple lines, and adding plants throughout. Matt's space, pictured above, features a bold, oversized print. Shannon's space, below, showcases many inspiring photos on clipboards. Like many great partnerships, there are a lot of similarities between the two, and a few nuances.

The His-and-Hers Workspace

Check out more photos of this couple's workspace at the link below.

His & Hers Office Space [Little Luck Tree via Minimal Desks]


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