The 10 Places In Australia Which Complain Most Often To The TIO

Complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) were at their lowest for five years in 2012-2013, which suggests service from phone companies and internet service providers has finally started to improve. But which areas have the most complaints?

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The average number of complaints per 1000 residents Australia-wide was 6.8. However, it was much higher in these ten locations. In every case, the dominant topic was mobile reception. Note the presence of both the Sydney and Melbourne CBD — a reminder that densely populated areas have their own reception issues.

Location # complaints Complaints/1000 residents
2150 Parramatta 520 21
3000 Melbourne 430 20.8
2000 Sydney 390 17.1
3754 Doreen 283 15.9
2015 Alexandria 131 15.5
2190 Greenacre 377 15.3
2205 Gosford 183 14.2
2161 Guilford 402 14.2
3029 Hoppers Crossing 900 13.2
2200 Bankstown 533 13.1

While the declining number of complaints is welcome, the TIO's announcement did point out that a large number of issues that were referred to it related to customer service and were easily resolved when referred to someone appropriately senior within the provider. That suggests that call centres still aren't working as well as they should.


    YAY. Hoppers Crossing. The land of shit reception.

    Wow, Melbourne at number two. Do they actually have bad infrastructure for a major city, or are they just bigger whingers?

      Maybe it's just that people do their complaining during office hours and at work as it might be more convenient. Worth a thought.

      Last edited 23/10/13 7:34 pm

    "Note the presence of both the Sydney and Melbourne CBD — a reminder that densely populated areas have their own reception issues."

    Because the complaints are tallied per 1000 RESIDENTS, I wonder if the high complaint tally is skewed because of the high number of non-residents who commute to the city, rather than an indication of a higher level of reception issues.

    Not sure if there is a way to prove the link, but having lived in Alexandria for a few years, I found the mobile call drop-outs were most often followed by the sound of a jumbo jet. The airport was there before I moved there, so no real cause for complaint. Not sure there's much the telcos can do to resolve that sort of signal interference.

    The high volume of pair gain issues in the area are a different story. The only way to have the issue resolved seems to be to contact the TIO or have a Presidential complaint raised (email Pat O'Sullivan or David Thodey direct). The Presidentials get resolved a lot quicker than TIO complaints.

    Which? Or that?

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