Tell Us Your Favourite Keyboard Shortcut And Win A Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

At Lifehacker we love keyboard shortcuts. They make us more productive and they give us a warm feeling inside. Tell us about your most-used keyboard shortcut and you could win one of two Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktops.

Valued at $129.95, the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop offers an advanced ergonomic design, with the keyboard curved to match your fingertips and a mouse designed for maximum wrist comfort. (Yes, even we'll admit there are times you need a mouse.)

To win one of these great prizes, simply tell us in the comments below what your favourite keyboard shortcut is and why. We'll pick the two most impressive and creative answers as winners.

The competition runs until midday on Monday 21 October. Full terms and conditions here. Get typing!


    CTRL + ALT + DEL

    Ever since it was implemented it has allowed me to log in, log out, end sticky processes, start processes, find spyware, gloat to friends with how much RAM i've got. It's the Swiss Army knife of Windows. Considering it was a "mistake" according to B.Gates, worked pretty well for me.

    Win+M - gotta love "Minimize all". Great for when the boss is coming... I mean when you have to access that icon on your desktop *cough*.

    Always Windows key +D

    used it all the time

    Windows + X

    An absolute necessity to quickly access necessary stuff in Windows 8 / 8.1.

    CTRL + ALT + L

    Reformat Code. There is nothing I hate more than messy code! This one resides in a specific program, but it is one that I use after writing a chunk of code. Basically it makes the code more readable to others. I very rarely use the mouse since the wireless broke, as the cord gets tangled around the keyboard, so I've adapted many other shortcuts.

    F6 in web browser to enter the URL bar and highlight all text ready for you to type replacement why it's good - because i'm too damn lazy to move my hand off my KB to my mouse then move it 3-4 CM up to move the mouse pointer there and highlight. They need to call these KBSC... Keyboard Shortcuts is too much to type

    F2. Rename that file with 1 key press. It's like the shortcuts shortcut. No CTRL, Shift etc. 1 button; press it and get on with it. Not like this post!

    I tend to find myself using explorer quite often thus:
    Windows key + E

    After that

    CTRL + C/V/Z
    Windows Key + R

    Windows + P - I spend a lot of time connecting and disconnecting external displays..

    I love having a bunch of windows open and holding Windows key + Tab. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Windows Left/Right/Up/Down. In this age of widescreen monitors, arranging windows quickly is a godsend.

    Windows + M, definitely. Quickly minimise all open windows to find something on your desktop :-)

    Windows+Left/Right/Up/Down on windows 8.

    Best shortcuts to maximise screeen real estate and productivity at work

    windows+l = lock screen.

    I use it several times a day.

    Windows Key + Shift + [Left|Right|Up|Down] - I mainly use it for moving the window between screens by pressing left and right.

    WinKey + Break for System Properties.

    KB+Mouse combination:
    Shift and Right Click for Open Command Prompt Here / Copy Filename as Path (no more need for a registry hack or power toy installation).


    While using a secondary monitor the following is helpful when you want to tile windows to the middle edges:
    - WinKey + ←, → (as well as ↑ and ↓ add further functionality)

    A favourite of mine and little known in MS Outlook and some other email clients is:
    From in the To: field: Ctrl + K will auto correct/match a name with it's address book contact. Very handy for Exchange users. ie. Type 'Joe B' and press Ctrl+K will detect 'Joe Bloggs' (If there is one!). If there is more than one 'Joe B' it will give you a list. Magic when you're unsure of how to spell someone's name.

    Finally, we all know 'Shift + →' lets us multiple select letters, but make that 'Ctrl+Shirt+→' and it'll select WORDs at a time rather than characters. Furthermore 'Ctrl+Shirt+↓' will select entire PARAGRAPHS at a time. Woah, life hacked!

    Its Tricky!


    Alt+Space > M > Arrow Keys (to move window, more for windows XP where it was sometimes nearly impossible to re position a window because it was partially off screen)

    on the mac, i love using the quarter volume shortcut. Option + Shift + Volume up/down. I find that i can achieve the optimum volume this way :)

    My favourite keyboard shortcut is the windows key to bring up the start screen in windows 8. I can take a peek at all the tiles without opening any app and get back to where I was working on.

    Windows + L
    After a spate of office practical jokes, locking my computer has become such a habit I now do it at home - much to the amusement of my husband!

    Ctrl + Alt + Delete

    When your PC game has frozen and there's nothing you can do about it, Ctrl + Alt + Delete will be there. When your program isn't working and it can't be fixed and has to be closed, Ctrl + Alt + Delete will be there. When your mouse isn't moving or clicking on the screen and you can't open a link to a kitten being cute for no reason at all, Ctrl + Alt + Delete will. be. there. When your computer can't shut down from the start button or the button on your tower, who is the one that will be there? Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

    Seriously? It has to be Alt + Tab. I dont know how many times I use it switching between windows all day!

    In your browser: CTRL + TAB (or the inverse CTRL + SHIFT + TAB)

    These two toggle through your open browser tabs, forward and backwards respectively.

    When browsing this keeps your left hand on the keyboard and your right hand on the mouse. It also has your hand setup comfortably to quickly use other useful shortcuts such as CTRL + C/X/V.

    It's a very comfortable and ergonomic way to casually browse the web.

    SHIFT + DEL(iver), Shift-deliver allows me to send my unwanted emails and files into a magical void. At no cost, it is the most efficient way to purge my clutter.

    I like to believe that somewhere out there, there is a man receiving all my deliveries trying to piece together my life.

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