Tell Us Your Favourite Keyboard Shortcut And Win A Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

At Lifehacker we love keyboard shortcuts. They make us more productive and they give us a warm feeling inside. Tell us about your most-used keyboard shortcut and you could win one of two Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktops.

Valued at $129.95, the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop offers an advanced ergonomic design, with the keyboard curved to match your fingertips and a mouse designed for maximum wrist comfort. (Yes, even we'll admit there are times you need a mouse.)

To win one of these great prizes, simply tell us in the comments below what your favourite keyboard shortcut is and why. We'll pick the two most impressive and creative answers as winners.

The competition runs until midday on Monday 21 October. Full terms and conditions here. Get typing!


    Simple .... Windows Key + D
    Especially as a user of Windows 8.

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      Exactly, Windows + D is the number one short cut I use, I work with XP, 7 and 8. Within XP and 7 it's great as time saver when supporting or simply using the pc to clear the screen and find what you need. When 8 is configured in a way similar to XP, with control panel, explorer, apps, etc on the desktop, windows + D is just bliss. Those tiles just waste time and space, I avoid them as best I can.

    ALT, F, S

    There was a time when CTRL+S wasn't standard, and this was my ultimate universal save shortcut

    Ctrl-Shift-B - REBUILD, baby! Considering how much time I spend writing code with my hands glued to the keyboard, moving off to use the mouse and painfully clicking through menus to rebuild/recompile is just too much work :D

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    Thanks to AutoHotKey I've mapped Ctrl+Shift+H to give write the text It more handy than you think.

      Sorry, I don't know how I ended up here.

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    Ctrl+Shift+T to bring back a IE (or Chrome) tab i have closed.

    This has saved me so much heard ache.

      I hear ya Gaz, save them ears from pain! I also love a bit of Ctrl+Shift+T action, but I find it alleviates pain in the old ticker!

    My most used shortcuts would be Ctrl + C/V/Z (Probably the same as most people)

    But my fav would have to be Ctrl + Shift + Esc
    bypassing the options to open the task manager

    crtl + shift + > or <
    change text size up or down.

    Very handy :)

    I'm a serious excel user so I love keyboard stuffs.

    Alt+= is auto sum
    Shift+space select row
    Ctrl+space select col
    Ctrl+ +/- is insert and remove

    Plus many more I use all day, and when that doesn't cover it I'm a fan of my shortcuts like sort and pivot table.

    Most used would have to be Windows + L to lock the PC
    bust most useful would be Ctrl+Shift+Escape to bring up task manager

    Windows Key + [Left|Right|Up|Down]. Simply the best and fastest way of moving windows and recovering off screen windows

    I'd have to say I use Windows Key + L quite a lot- Locks the computer when i step away from the computer without having to go to the start menu.

    Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialogue. It may not be displayed on the start menu by default anymore, but it's still there under the hood.
    My second favourite is telling people ALT-F4 will speed up their computer; which is kind of true.

      ALT+F4 is particularly good when playing your favourite game, graphic enhancer !

    I love the Windows + L (for lunch). Which is used to go for a break!

    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S in Photoshop to Save for Web & Devices. Every time (every 10 minutes) i want to save my Photoshop file as a JPEG i need to smash this doozy of a combo.

    Ctrl+Shift+R Microsoft outlook reply all, used to
    A: Reply to all, very useful
    B: Re-send an email to everyone you sent it to the first time. really good for chasing people for information/updates

    Windows Key + [Left|Right|Up|Down]. Simply the best and fastest way of moving windows and recovering off screen windows

    Either of the following "Oh shit, the Boss is coming" shortcuts

    Alt + Tab or Windows + D

    Quickly change from reading Lifehacker back to the work I should be doing

    The quickest way to shutdown in Windows 8. Windows Key + D to head straight to the desktop, then ALT-F4 to bring up shutdown menu.

    Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V - who doesn't love copy and paste!

    Open new Chrome window in incognito mode.

    to Like a photo in a post. I like the oxymoron of Facebook productivity.

    Most used Windows shortcut, Alt+F4 to quit a program. Related and useful for trolling; Ctrl+W to close the active browser window.

    Control + tab, to browse through tabs in browsers.
    Windows key + D to short cut to the desktop.

    CTRL+ENTER to send emails, love it....send way to many for my liking.

    For me, it'd have to be Control + Shift + Left or right, to select entire words, or Control + Left or Right to jump a word. It took me a while to get use to using the keyboard to navigate large sections of text efficiently, but once I learned it, I could never look back. It also makes renaming files super easy as well!

    Am I the only person who uses F2 to rename a file? It's so useful! Far better than right-click, or slow double click. Saves lots of time, and you never have to leave the keyboard.

      +1 for F2, I use it a lot in excel as well for editing cells without having to type over or use the mouse!

    ALT + D - to select the url.
    CTRL + F5 to force a full reload on a web page.

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