Tabs Always In Titlebar Saves Some Vertical Space In Firefox

Tabs Always In Titlebar Saves Some Vertical Space In Firefox

Firefox: If you’re on a small laptop or netbook, you know how precious vertical screen real estate can be. Tabs Always In Titlebar is a handy little Firefox extension that does exactly what it says.

Once installed, you’ll see your tabs have moved up into the title bar space, much as they do when you maximise Firefox. It makes it a little hard to move the window, but you can adjust how much space exists between the tabs and the top of the window, which is handy. Hit the link to try it out.

Tabs Always In Titlebar [Firefox Add-Ons via GHacks]


    • What alternatives are there? Internet Explorer? Lol. Opera? It always seemed a bit off to me. Chrome? I dislike their process system, it eats up my ram and seems to slow everything down.
      Plus firefox has that way to group tabs so I can have hundreds open at once.

      On another note, I have default firefox and my tabs have always been in the titlebar, I don’t need an addon to do that for me.

    • Yes, because it’s more customisable than Chrome and has a decent download manager… 🙂

  • See, I’d love to go to chrome but I want the opposite. I want to see the full title in the title bar! (and I love the group tabs from FF) I am just waiting until Chrome puts those options in place.

  • Yes people use Firefox and love it. Other people use Internet Explorer hahaha…poor buggers

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