Six Household Storage Hacks In 60 Seconds

Need a little extra space in your home? A few strategies and tricks can help you out, and you can learn them in just a minute.

  • When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, use Command hooks to stick stuff on the walls — like backpacks. You can also repurpose planters for holding office supplies!

  • If you run out of wall space, use your doors. You can pick up door hangers at many department stores to hold anything from purses to dog leashes to shoes.

  • When you can’t build up, build down. You can fit a lot under your bed. If your bed touches the floor, buy bed risers to lift it up.

  • You can probably fit a lot more in your closet than you think. If you have a lot of clothes, try rolling them. Then you can save shelf space for more important things and prevent wrinkles.

  • Build things into your furniture or choose furniture with storage in it. I have an arcade in my coffee table and a bench that stores pet supplies.

For more great space-saving storage tips, check out our Top 10 Space-Saving Household Projects, and how one of our fellow writers, Eric Ravenscraft, hacked his tiny apartment to fit all his stuff.


  • Great hacks to bear in mind! The house constantly needs storage space and to be able to use simple items which we might even already have lying around, is really ingenious! Thanks for sharing and I hope you will have more to share with us all some interesting hacks for around the house.

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