Remove Or Replace The Windows Shortcut Arrow With This Tool

Remove or Replace the Windows Shortcut Arrow With this Tool

Windows: Shortcuts on your desktop (or anywhere else) are usually indicated by a little arrow in the bottom-left corner of the icon. A new tool called Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor lets you remove it, change it to the old XP style, or customise it with your own arrow.

Download and unzip the program and you will find folders with one application version for Windows 7 and Vista, and one for Windows 8. The ZIP file also contains a 'Shortcut arrows' folder with a few ready-made arrows to use, but you can choose your own if you prefer.

Windows Shortcut Arrow Editor [via Addictive Tips]


    Does this still bother people ?
    I remember religiously removing them in Win98, but since XP it's stopped bothering me, to the point I don't even notice them now.

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