Remember One Number To Make Tasty Pancakes In Minutes

Remember One Number To Make Tasty Pancakes In Minutes

Who doesn’t like a fresh pancake for breakfast? While not the healthiest option, it’s a great treat once in a while. If you rarely make your own because of the potential hassle, don’t worry — you just have to remember one number to keep the recipe on-hand.

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Redditor throwawayaccount1k makes it simple with this easy-to-remember set of ingredients:

  • 1 cup of plain flour
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon sugar

Everything in the recipe starts with the number one so you can easily remember it. Mix it all up with a handheld mixer or blender, then cook in a pan. You’re done in five minutes!

5 minute pancakes [Reddit]


  • You don’t really need the sugar. You will get a better result if you substitute one tablespoon of oil. Also, that recipe will yield a thick batter and thick pancakes, as pictured. If you want something closer to crêpes, you can start with that basic recipe, then keep adding milk, while stirring, until the batter is thin enough. It doesn’t take long to learn the consistency you need.

  • Nooooooo! Don’t use a mixer or blender, it overworks the flour and makes the pancakes rubbery. For light, fluffy, melt in your mouth pancakes, use a fork or hand whisk, and only mix until the batter is just combined (lumps will disappear when the batter cooks).

  • Replace the plain flour with self raising flour for fluffy pancakes. keep the normal flour if you like more crepe style pancakes.

    Sugar to taste. If you’re making pancakes to have with lemon and berries, you can probably forgo the sugar. If you’re having ice cream and syrup a bit of sugar will work well.

    Yeah, don’t blend it…. You should be able to whisk it together in all of 30 seconds. It’ll take you longer to pull out and clean up the blender.

    Hot-ish pan, not smoking though. Flip when you start seeing bubbles form.

  • naww sweet been looking for a decent pancake recipe and this one requires hardly any ingredients

  • I actually use the Pancake Palour mixture and mine turn out better than theirs.

    I lay claim to the best pacakes in Australia. But then, I would.

  • This is the Jamie Oliver method too. I like to add the merest touch of vanilla paste to give them a bit more oomph.

  • You can use less or no sugar, can even put in an extra egg, it won’t hurt.
    I put the mix in one of those home-made yoghurt containers, milk first then shake the hell out of it, couldn’t be easier.

  • That’s a terrible, bland recipe. Unless you want cardboard for breakfast. Do you want cardboard for breakfast? No.

    Double the milk.
    Triple the eggs.
    Halve the sugar, if you even use it.
    Add 60g brown butter (for dummies: melt butter in frypan, cook until it turns light brown. duh.) and a pinch of salt.

    And ffs, leave it in the fridge for half an hour, unless you like eating flour-y glue. Any recipe which claims to be ‘done in 5 minutes’ is wrong.

    Or, even better, make buttermilk pancakes, which have been scientifically proven to contain fourfty percent more deliciousoscity.

  • or go to the shop and buy a shaker mix, just add water and you’re done. If you want premium then get the Pancake Parlour mix and add water, niiiiice.

    • Yes to the Pancake Parlour mix all the way.
      I have a 1 litre container with a squirty end. I use a funnel to get the ingredients in, shake and then rest for 10 minutes. I then squirt the batter into the saucepan – no mess.
      I also have a really good non-stick saucepan which helps (brand is Woll)

  • And don’t forget the stonedine non stick cookware. Nothing sticks to it, not even this sticky burnt cheese.

  • Pancake Parlour all the way. Just add water, shake it (#like a polaroid#), and pour it into a pan.

  • I use my 30yo steel large frying pan passed down in the family with low side edges and make one pancake at a time, spread it thin on well warmed oiled pan. Add blueberries and shredded Fuji apples, and sometimes dark chock chips at the end, no sugar what so ever. They taste great!

  • The best mix is half plain flour and half self raising flour, that what they use at the pancake parlour when my Mum worked there.
    And for God’s sake use real maple syrup.

  • I do one egg, three heaped tablespoons of flour, and enough milk to make it runny. That makes about three crepe style pancakes, which is plenty for one person 🙂

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