Praise The Process, Not The Person, When Giving Feedback

Praise The Process, Not The Person, When Giving Feedback

When offering criticism, it’s important not to attack the recipient on an individual level — focus on actions, not attributes. 99u points out that you should take a similar approach when you’re offering positive feedback as well.

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When you’re in a team and motivating people, 99u recommends shying away from direct praise of a person’s abilities. While the post talks about about how managers should act, it’s really applicable to anyone working in a team:

[P]raise aspects of your employee’s performance that were under his control. Talk about his creative approach, his careful planning, his persistence and effort, his collaborative attitude. Praise the process, not the person. That way, when he runs into trouble later on, he’ll remember the process that helped him to succeed in the past, and put that knowledge to good use.

It’s a solid piece of advice that makes giving praise to co-workers a lot easier. Head over to 99u for a few more tips on giving better feedback.

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