Pixelmator 3.0 Is A Seriously Good Replacement For Photoshop

Pixelmator 3.0 Is A Seriously Good Replacement For Photoshop

Mac: Most Mac users know that Pixelmator is one of the best Photoshop alternatives you can get. At less than $32, you’d pay more to use Photoshop for a month. However, Pixelmator always lacked a few flagship features of Adobe’s behemoth — until now.

Over the last year the creators of Pixelmator have added lots of new features to the app, chipping away at the little things that keep users paying Adobe large amounts of money. With version 3.0, Pixelmator adds one of the most notable differences: layer styles. You can now easily apply non-destructive effects to any layer to quickly add drop shadows, reflections, gradients and more. This latest update now provides a liquify tool for moving around parts of your image, support for OS X Mavericks features (e.g. tags, multiple displays, and App Nap) and a new image-editing engine to speed up just about every task across the app.

While Pixelmator still won’t replace Photoshop for some, this update brings it dangerously close for handling almost any common image-editing task as well as or better than its far more expensive competition. If you’ve been holding out, you might want to give Pixelmator another look.

Pixelmator ($31.99) [Mac App Store]


    • It’s also terrible.

      Pixelmator isn’t really even close to a photoshop replacement (it’s closer to a PS Elements replacement), but at least it wasn’t designed by a colorblind, one handed, semi-retarded chimp.

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