PennyTel Has Gone Into Liquidation

PennyTel Has Gone Into Liquidation

And another MVNO bites the dust! PennyTel, which offered mobile plans using the Vodafone network and bargain-priced broadband services, officially appointed a provisional liquidator last week.

Robert Moodie of Rodgers Reidy was appointed as administrator to PennyTel last Friday. Rumours of trouble at PennyTel have been swirling for some time, and it has also been the subject of frequent complaints on online forums about customer service. In June, its director was the subject of a search and freeze court order relating to an unexplained $3.9 million transfer of cash to PennyTel. Despite the liquidation, the PennyTel web site remains online at this writing.

While liquidation doesn’t automatically imply the business will disappear, it seems unlikely that PennyTel will continue as an ongoing concern given the rapid shrinkage we’ve seen in the MVNO space this year. We’ve seen the disappearance of Crazy John’s, Red Bull Mobile and Kogan Mobile, and the prospects for ALDI Mobile aren’t looking good. That doesn’t mean there aren’t good options out there, but the choices are dwindling.

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  • NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    We have used pennytel for well over 4 years now. My parents have a separate VoIP line for overseas calls. Not one single issue. This service is used daily. I have setup countless people on the same setup. No complaints from them either. I personally use Pennytel to smartdial feature to connect to a handful of numbers overseas. Also love the feature when Travelling. I really hope that their VoIP business can be rescued!

    • MyNetfone offer a very similar service at great prices and much better than PT were , I shifted from PT 3 years ago.

  • We were with Pennytel for quite a long time and it was great until last Xmas when everything went downhill. Could get nothing from this bloke who supposedly was in Fiji. Anyway, as you said you went into liqudation owing a lot of customers money and we were one them. It wasn’t a lot but there was no refund.

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